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My Delicious Spaghetti Western Vinyl Record

Now here’s an obscurity–in 1998, Dagored in association with another Italian company called Abraxis (not sure of the exact connection here but both names appear on the record) released this awesome collection of music from a number of obscure spaghetti westerns including more a couple of Sartana films, one called Buckaroo, and Il Segno del Coyote.

Some complain that Ennio Morricone has no representation on this compilation record, but for SOME of us, that’s actually the selling point of the album–you can find Morricone all day, every day in every record store in the land; what you can’t get so readily are the sounds of Francesco De Masi, Bruno Nicolai, Lallo Gori and others on this album.

If you love spaghetti westerns and can’t get enough of those soundtrack sounds, this album is a treat. Bruno Nicolai, for the uninitiated, sounds a lot like Morricone–and with good reason. He was Morricone’s conductor, so there’s a natural progression and influence in style and tone. If you love Morricone, watch out, Bruno Nicolai will soon become a new source of financial strain as you try to collect all HIS great work as well.

New spaghetti western junkies will also come to love and respect De Masi and the other great names featured here.

To whet your appetite, check out the vid clip at the end of this post for one of the better tracks off this awesome compilation courtesy of a fellow Italian movie obsessive on YouTube! This is one of the Bruno Nicolai tracks from Have A Good Funeral, My Friend…Sartana Will Pay which is represented on My Delicious Spaghetti Western.

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