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Otto Up With Dead People Soundtrack Vinyl Album

otto up with dead people vinyl album

This is by far one of the coolest things for sale here at Turntabling. Otto, or Up With Dead People, is a zombie movie with a few MAJOR twists. The best one is that part of the film is told from the zombie’s point of view. The soundtrack to this zombie movie by Bruce la Bruce is full of amazing electronic and experimental sounds evened out by great tracks by The Homophones and the Living Dead Boys. Appearing on the soundtrack–Pandas of Black Metal, La Jovenc, No Bra, Misty Roses, Eyes and Teeth and many more.

–Minor spoiler alert here–

Otto or Up With Dead People is not an easy zombie movie to watch for some who might feel a bit uncomfortable with the more explicit scenes (the sex/cannibalism element is really well done) but it’s an EXCELLENT film. It’s a frequent player in the Turntabling DVD machine and we highly recommend it. The soundtrack is so cool we’re shocked that it’s even available on vinyl these days–thought all these would be have been snapped up ages ago.

The Otto or Up With Dead People soundtrack LP is a new, sealed double vinyl import album. Buy it now from Turntabling for $23 plus postage. Overseas orders are welcome, but postage is extra.