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Vinyl Wanted: Sun Ra Nothing Is Picture Disc

Sun Ra picture disc

From time to time, Turntabling goes on a bughunt for some strange or sought-after vinyl…today I’m on the hunt for a VG++ or better copy of the Sun Ra picture disc edition of Nothing Is.

If you have one for sale, please drop me a line via orders@turntabling.net and include price, condition, and location plus shipping information.

Any contact about this disc is greatly appreciated!

–Joe Wallace

Kriminal Soundtrack 12- Inch Vinyl Picture Disc LP

A treat for eyes and ears is the stylish picture disc of the soundtrack to the Italian/Spanish criminal mastermind thriller Kriminal.  Directed by Umberto  Lenzi in 1967 , the film is based on a comic book character with a crafty ideas for eluding and terrorizing the law enforcers assigned to stop him. To complete his capers, Kriminal is often dressed in a black and yellow skeleton suit. Other times, he is a well-dressed fellow as he pursues a cache of diamonds across Europe and Asia.

This partnership of composers Roberto Pregadio and Romano Mussolini is more than up to the task of highlighting Kriminal’s globe-trotting exploits. This soundtrack is a perfect example of 60s Jazz, sure to get the hips moving and toes tapping.

Released in 2009, the picture disc LP of Kriminal features the mysterious protagonist in the skeleton outfit overlooking a beautiful woman. Side one is the film’s poster of the couple close up. Kriminal’s mask looks like a glowing greenish yellow skull near the woman’s face.  His eyes and the rest of his features fade into the darkness. Side two has the two characters in a film long shot and a cartoon sketch . It is apparent that Kriminal has surprised this woman in her bedroom. Who is the lovely lady? Does she need to fear Kriminal?  You’ll have to see the film to find out.

The spooky picture disc would compliment the wall of any soundtrack fan. But, one listen, and you’ll want the soundtrack to continue spinning on your turntable, enticing dancers to the floor, even more!

Turntabling has a copy of the limited edition Kriminal 12-Inch vinyl picture disc for sale on Discogs. It is first come, first served.

Kriminal Soundtrack 12-Inch Picture Disc for sale

Tromeo and Juliet Picture Disc Soundtrack

Tromeo and Juliet Soundtrack picture discBucky Shakespeare is rolling over in his grave! He’s been spinning ever since Tromeo and Juliet hit the silver screen, the perfect antidote to that overblown, craptacular modernized version of this tired old story engulfed pop culture for a minute. People who barfed at the idea of a gun-toting romeo drooling on about his “swords” were probably very happy to see Leonardo and company skewered by Troma.

Now you can relive every splattery moment with the Tromeo and Juliet original soundtrack picture disc–a new, near mint (but not sealed) vinyl LP picture disc. The lineup on this soundtrack album is sure to please–how can you go wrong with Motorhead, the Meatmen, AND Wesley Willis? This one ain’t for everybody–but dyed in the wool fans of Troma who own record players are sure to love it. Sadly, this is a one-off. We only have a single lonely copy of this, available first-come, first served.

The Tromeo and Juliet Soundtrack Picture Disc is a near-mint vinyl record. Buy it now from Turntabling for $17 plus shipping. Overseas shipping is extra–we’ll let you know what the total is plus shipping depending on your location.

Track listing:
1. Tromeo & Juliet Theme – Willie Wisely
2. Sacrifice – Motorhead
3. Pope On A Rope – The Meatmen
4. Sunday – The Icons
5. Capulet Song, The – Valentine Miele & Stephen Blackehart
6. Drink That Whiskey – Wesley Willis Fiasco
7. Hyper Enough – Superchunk
8. La Migra (Cruza La Fronteta 11) – Brujeria
9. Gizzards, Scrapple And Tripe – The New Duncan Imperials
10. Mr. Superlove – Ass Ponys
11. Math – Supernova
12. I Am A Romeo – Sublime
13. TV Show Theme – Willie Wisely
14. Monster Island – Booterella – (featuring Jane Jensen)
15. Yes, We’ll Gather At The River – Willie Wisely/Sean Gunn/Valentine Miele/Patrick Connor
16. Alleged – Unsane