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Vinyl For Sale: Fitzcarraldo, Legendary Pink Dots, Maniac Cop Soundtrack Vinyl

The rare, cool, hard-to-find and unusual vinyl is starting to pile up again in the Turntabling Collection for sale on Discogs.com.

There’s some classic Italian soundtrack sounds on the fabulous Easy Tempo label, some really awesome Legendary Pink Dots LPs, the soundtrack to Fitzcarraldo featuring the always-amazing Popol Vuh, plus a very rare SEALED version of the Maniac Cop soundtrack.

These records are for sale to raise funds to continue the mission of Turntabling to buy and archive rare and unusual vinyl from around the globe. Turntabling is assembling a vinyl archive that I’m hoping will find a home in a public space that will serve as a vinyl museum of sorts.

That’s one reason why I am in search of vinyl collections to purchase, but anyone who wants to donate a collection or portions of their collection to the cause, please get in touch via e-mail: jwallace@turntabling.net.

Please keep in mind when selling or donating vinyl that the Turntabling Collection needs both items for the archive and titles to sell for fundraising purposes. But this endeavor is definitely a worthy cause and I’ll have more news about the archive, places where you can browse the sale portion of the collection and much more.

If you have vinyl records you want to sell or donate, please get in touch at the e-mail listed above, and thank you for your continued interest and support!

–Joe Wallace

The Horror Films Collection Volume Two CD: Now on Sale Here

the horror films collection volume two

Now for sale here at Turntabling: The Horror Films Collection Volume Two, a CD featuring tracks from Lady Frankenstein, Zombie, The New York Ripper, Conquest, and many others. It’s a Lucio Fulci-fest, including two tracks from his “compilation” movie Cat In The Brain at least one of which you may recognize from The Beyond.

This is a fun collection of tracksĀ  from Piero Piccioni, Claudio Simonetti, Manuel De Sica and many other well known Italian soundtrack names. The Horror Films Collection Volume Two is a good companion disc to the Goblin greatest hits collections also sold here–put the discs in your changer, hit “shuffle” and be immersed in the sounds of vintage 60s and 70s Italian horror.

Buy The Horror Films Collection Volume Two for $13 plus shipping. This is a brand new, shrink-wrapped CD shipped directly from Turntabling. At this time we can only ship to USA addresses.