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PiL Vinyl–First in 20 Years! Coming For Record Store Day

The music blogs are abuzz about the new Public Image Limited four-song vinyl EP due out as part of Record Store Day on AprilĀ  21, 2012. It’s a precursor to the new PiL album, This Is Public Image Limited due out in the summer.

In an interview for the BBC, John Lydon told interviewers Adrian Larkin & Matt Everitt, “…we record live, some songs are made up on the spot,” and adds that the new songs are “not moody and terrible” and making a point to mention the “completely experimental” nature of the new material.

You can get a listen to the new PiL track, One Drop, at the SlicingUpEyeballs Soundcloud account. The track and commentary are via the BBC.

Soundwise, One Drop hearkens back to mid-period Public Image Limited, taking the more commercial (but still quite enjoyable) sounds of 9, stripped down a bit with a bit more dub space added for good measure. It’s nowhere near as dub-influenced as the Wobble-era recordings, but you’ll feel a bit of the Jamaican vibe, definitely. There’s even a bit of vocal harmony–PiL has always sounded stronger with additional voices to counterbalance Lydon’s verbal assault vocal style. Well done, lads.

Lydon’s voice sounds more vulnerable than in the past. The swagger is still there, but it’s been tempered by age and tragedy. Lydon had a death in the family prior to this recording–whether or not that factors into the actual songwriting, his material sounds more thoughtful, less antagonistic. Could that be reading too much into one single? Perhaps.

Lyrically, he’s revisiting his past. The track is said to be an autobiographical snapshot of his life in the early days. It sounds strange to hear Lydon, the grand old warhorse of the rock-n-roll swindle, singing “We are teenagers”…but the track is solid, no doubt about it. Any PiL follower would be happy to have this in the collection.

PiL and John Lydon fans will also be interested in the new Public Image Limited Live At Rock Palast DVD which is, at the time of this writing, is in the pre-order stage, due to be released on February 21.

Vinyl Records For Sale From the Turntabling Collection

The Turntabling Collection is a group of nearly 1,000 rare records, hard-to-find vinyl LPs, and interesting records curated by Turntabling.net and yours truly. I sell titles from this ever-growing collection to fund Turntabling and to raise money for Vinyl Road Rage excursions across the USA.

The collection was offline for the holidays and a heavy touring season (Turntabling.net sells at horror/sci-fi conventions and film festivals) but there is an ever-growing select group of unique, rare, and hard to find vinyl & CDs available for sale once more.

The latest titles include, but aren’t limited to, some of these awesome records:

Public Image Limited, The Flowers Of Romance

A great, memorable vinyl LP from the voice of the Sex Pistols, John Lydon. This is a 180-gram vinyl reissue on 4 Men With Beards and is a truly stunning record. Upon hearing this, some find it hard to believe Never Mind The Bollocks and The Flowers of Romance have the same brain in common.

Gershon Kinglsey, Music To Moog By

Gershon Kingsley, half of the awesome experimental Moog duo Perry & Kingsley, shows off his stuff solo on this excellent reissue on Dagored Records. Dagored always does an outstanding job on these reissues and this one is getting harder to find all the time. A must-have for Moog lovers.

Demon, British Standard Approved

Here’s a band that started off as what some describe as “Brit biker metal”, but the band took a few side journeys along the way. This record shows the band starting to experiment with other sounds. There doesn’t seem to be much middle ground with this record, some say it’s a love-it-or-hate-it affair.

Riz Ortolani, Mondo Candido

Ortolani is legendary as the man behind the creepy and sometimes sentimental sounds of the infamous Italian gut-muncher Cannibal Holocaust. He is definitely one of the all-time great Italian soundtrack masters for genre films like this–essential listening! Another amazing 180-gram vinyl reissue from Dagored Records in Italy.

You’ll find all this and more in the Turntabling Collection, on sale and frequently updated at the Turntabling shop at Discogs.com.