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Attic Beats


I am really digging this collection of podcasts on Odeo.com called Attic Beats. Sadly, all these are three years old and there don’t seem to be any updates, but if you’re looking to get a headstart on exotica, Italian horror, and other fun, dusty genres, Attic Beats is a nice way to go.

There are one or two episodes that didn’t work for me, but the Turntablism ‘cast was pretty tasty and the one called The Worst Music I Own is a painful listen. Remember, kids, he actually OWNS this crap. A shame there aren’t new shows coming, but the archive is a lot of fun to wade through.

DJ Paisley Babylon: Spacesuit Sounds Vol. 1 Download


Our newest feature is a delicious list of sonic ingredients blended into a heady cocktail by DJ Paisley Babylon. Switch on the lava lamps, fire up the hookah, and enjoy this exclusive apertif made of equal parts Morricone, Stereolab, Riz Ortolani, Pizzicato Five, and Dust Brothers, with a dash of Japanese funk, groovy German horns, and two splashes of superfly soul. This DJ mix of mod, retro, lounge, funk and funky electronica is the first in a series brought to you from the velvet-lined walls of the Turntabling.net studio. Take a trip beyond Earth’s orbit with Spacesuit Sounds.

–Enjoy DJ Paisley Babylon’s latest concoction: Spacesuit Sounds Vol. 1

This program was recorded live in Chicago and is presented here for promotion of the artists/venues/DJs. Please get in touch if you wish your tracks removed. All files available for a limited time only