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Popshopping Volume 1 Double-Vinyl LP

Popshopping Volume 1 is a collection of German advertising soundtracks from the late ’60s and early ’70s.  Lovingly presented, over 30 years after they sold the wares, the tracks are now prized as nostalgia  and sonic art. They are not lost to time. By being catchy and memorable, these  jingles and background tracks led consumers to the sales counter (Moulinex is a kitchen appliances brand), the store shelf and beyond. The auto showroom was a frequent path in advertising then and today.

Sometimes these commercial soundtracks showed an affinity for tunes that brought the masses to movies of the day. The track below is reminiscent of a famous theme from the ’70s.  Action cinema orchestration used to sell cars?  What a surprise!

Turntabling has a mint copy of the double-vinyl LP of Popshopping Volume 1 for sale . This is a limited edition release  from 2000. This item is first come, first served.

Popshopping Double-Vinyl Set for sale