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Rare CDs Are Fun To Collect, Too!

Man From Deep River Soundtrack CD

Sometimes you can’t find this stuff on vinyl but there are TONS of limited edition releases out there of soundtracks like this….it takes some dedicated digging to turn them up from time to time, but there are lots of no-more-than-1000-made reissues of soundtracks like these thanks to awesome labels like Beat, Cinevox, Easy Tempo and much more…

And yes, Turntabling DOES sell rare, hard-to-find, weird, and just plain cool soundtracks on CD too. We’re at http://www.discogs.com/seller/Turntabling on Discogs.com

Turntabling Appearances Up Next: Flint Horror Con 2011 Flint, Michigan

Turntabling brings the vinyl to the Flint Horror Con in Flint Michigan on Saturday October 29, 2011. If you haven’t seen the Turntabling Collection at Horrorhound Weekend, Cinema Wasteland, Dark Carnival Film Fest or Horror Society events, now’s your chance to get a load of the rare, obscure, lustworthy and hard-to-find vinyl records and CDs that make up the Turntabling Collection.

At this one-day horror festival, Turntabling will have all sorts of vinyl and CD insanity including out-of-print titles by Goblin, John Carpenter, Skinny Puppy, Coil, Legendary Pink Dots, Demon, and many many others. You’ll find plenty of great stuff to pore over at the Turntabling booth and the many other vendors at the show.

This is the very first horror con in Flint according to the ads, and the response to the show has been really amazing–so much so that the film festival itself had to close the submissions down because so many entries had come in.

If you live near the show, come by and say hello–we’d love to see you at the Flint Horror Con! It”s at the Masonic Temple at 755 S, Saginaw Street in Flint, MI. Join us! Doors open at noon.