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The Turntabling Collection

Now that we’re back from Cinema Wasteland, the Turntabling Collection inventory has been updated (a big job, thanks to the awesome vinyl lovers at Wasteland picking up loads of rare and hard to find vinyl) and is now back on line for your viewing pleasure.

The Turntabling Collection is made of hundreds of CD and LP titles that are, as mentioned above, rare and hard to find or just plain cool. Everyone who purchases from Turntabling is making a direct show of support for the site since all proceeds go to keep the site going.

Your support is GREATLY appreciated. Thanks to all who came to see The Turntabling Collection at Cinema Wasteland this weekend and we look forward to seeing you again at the next show. An updated appearance schedule will be posted shortly.

Browse the Turntabling Collection.

Updated Turntabling Appearance Schedule

In addition to selling vinyl online in places like the Turntabling Discogs.com store and similar ventures, this site hits the road every year to do horror and sci-fi conventions. Last week I posted a schedule for the upcoming madness, but since then I’ve had an addition and possibly more to come.

I’ll have more vinyl-and more RARE vinyl-at the following shows than ever before. Not sure how I’m going to fit it all into one little convention table space, but there will definitely be a lot to choose from including rare horror soundtracks like Halloween 2, Return of the Living Dead and the like, plus some ultra-rare stuff from the sci-fi side of things like the Dark Star soundtrack, Tom Baker reading Jules Verne, Leonard Nimoy reading Bradbury on vinyl and much more.

Here is the latest schedule current til the end of the year–these are all shows where you will find the Turntabling table and lots of great vinyl records:

Flashback Weekend, August 12-14 2011 in Rosemont, Illinois. It’s located at the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare at 5440 River Road.

Cinema Wasteland, September 30 – October 2 2011 in Strongsville Ohio. It’s at the Holiday Inn at 15471 Royalton Road in Strongsville.

Dark Carnival Film Festival, October 21-23 2011 in Bloomington, Indiana. For ticket and location info call (812) 323-3020

Horrorhound Weekend November 11-13 2011 in Cincinnati Ohio. This one is at the Crowne Plaza Hotel 11320 Chester Road.

If there are additional updates, I’ll post a revised schedule soonest. Hope to see you at one or more of these shows!

–Joe Wallace

Kerry Livgren Seeds of Change Vinyl LP

by Joe Wallace

Kerry Livgren is best known for his guitar mania in Kansas. Classically influenced, sort of residing in the same musical zip code as Yes, but without the capes, the frilly raised pinky finger playing, and near-falsetto whine vocals.

Livrgren’s solo record, Seeds Of Change, has a trippy backstory. Livgren had experienced a lot of existential crises while on the rise in Kansas. He was well into something called The Urantia Book, which was one of those dusty old tomes supposedly dictated by “celestial beings” and full of revelations about life, the universe, and everything.

Livgren went evangelical after his conversations with a member of his support band, Le Roux. “I began to get more agitated and emotionally upset than ever. It was as though a thousand pounds was weighing down on my shoulders. I knew I was heading toward a significant conclusion, but I didn’t know what it would be.”

He had one of those quintessentially late 70s/early 80s born-again experiences and decided to chuck the Urantia book and dive into Jesus instead.

Livgren is probably one of the least tiresome “true believers” who kept going with music. Smart enough to know when to save it for Sunday and skilled enough in the music biz to let his views influence his work but not completely devour it, it turned out to still be possible to listen to an 80s-era Kansas record without feeling like you were being dragged in front of a Jimmy Swaggart revival meeting.

So when Livgren came out with this solo album, Seeds of Change, it could have gone one of two ways–the grim, humorless fist of churchy preach-a-tization, or a more complex, multi-layered artistic endeavor.

He chose the latter, even if the record is overwhelmingly evangelical in content. Some of which you have to be savvy enough to read between the lines to get (Ground Zero) plus some decidedly blatantly in-your-face-for-God material (Mask of the Great Deceiver).

The thing that makes this record truly wonderful? A must-buy? Two things, actually. It is a stunning artifact of 70s cheese–the prog-a-licious synths of the futuristic Ground Zero are too fun to pass up, and ditto for the Broadway-style musical intro to Mask of the Great Deceiver. Listening to that, you can just picture some kind of demented chorus line forming.

Secondly, the guest vocals on this album are a complete shock. Livgren may have converted to evangelical Christianity, but he did NOT lose his sense of humor for this album–Mask of the Great Deceiver features lead vocals by none other than old hook-em-horns himself, Ronnie James Dio.

Who, I might add, did NOT phone it in. AND, oddly enough, performed without a shred of irony while singing lyrics in praise of God and warning about the DEVILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL.

Livgren put Dio on two tracks, saying he wanted to give Dio a chance to do something “diametrically opposed” to the Black Sabbath and solo stuff. But you can’t help but think it was also a tweak at the stuffy, uptight brethren he surely found himself dealing with once his conversion story got out.

All that said, there are some completely insufferable moments on this album. The first cut, “Just One Way” is a shameless Christian tract basically saying what the title implies. Livgren may be one of the most creative forces in Christendom, but he was still infected with that religious elitism that plagues all the monotheists–“Our god is NUMBER ONE! YEAH!”

But the good stuff on this album is worth repeated listens, even the instrumental break on the gag-tacular “Just One Way” is pretty great. Try to ignore the naivete at work on the moments where “God Is Great, God Is Good, And He’s The Only Thing That Will Make You Happy” noises are happening, cuz Seeds of Change by Kerry Livgren is a lot of fun otherwise.

(Transparency alert: at the time of this writing I have a copy of Seeds of Change for sale at Discogs.com. If you click on the links and find it’s not there anymore, you can always check out the other rare, strange, and under-appreciated vinyl I have for sale there.)

–Joe Wallace

The Turntabling Podcast


(Click the image to play or see the link below)

The very first Turntabling Podcast is now up and running for your listening enjoyment. First episodes of ANYTHING are painful, rough, cheesy and difficult to be enthusiastic about once the next and much-better-sounding editions go up, but for now this maiden voyage of the Turntabling Podcast will have to do.

The idea behind this show is not so much to do music CRITICISM, but something more along the lines of vinyl ARCHAEOLOGY. Consider this a voyage into the dark, scary underbrush of vinyl. Where the monsters live, at least according to local superstition.

In this first episode, Turntabling discusses born again christian new-wave music by Steve Taylor, an Australian experimental album called Tape Projects 06, the frightening and funny Hilarity And Despair: American Answering Machine Tapes Volume One, plus a listen to choice bits off the Irritainment album by Guyana Punch Line. Sore throat music isn’t for EVERYONE, but some people like it.

Listen to the first-ever Turntabling Podcast, and remember that just like Dan Savage would say…it gets better. Episode Two should be FAR more entertaining, but don’t let my saying that deter you from hearing these weird vinyl cuts…they’re worth it.

–Joe Wallace

Better An Old Demon Than A New God

by Joe Wallace

I like strange experiences. Weirdness. So the title of this vinyl record promised me a great deal and it DOES NOT DISAPPOINT. Jim Carroll’s  “A Peculiar-Looking Girl” is worth the price of the record alone, and I’ll buy just about anything with William Burroughs reading on it.

Better An Old Demon Than A New God has fascinating backstory–it’s the one result of John Giorno’s Dial-A-Poem, which started in 1968 after a great deal of audio experimentation and recording with Beats and other artists.

Giorno recorded a lot of these sessions over the years and this album is only one result. You can also check out the Dial-A-Poem 15 Year Anniversary Album You’re A Hook for more of this sort of thing–You’re A Hook features Burroughs, Ginsberg, Phillip Glass, and Frank Zappa among other luminaries.

But what was REALLY creepy and fun to do was to put this record on along with a simultaneously-spinning Coil disc, Unreleased Themes From Hellraiser.

Hearing Jim Carroll doing “An Unusual Looking Girl” while the Coil tracks for the main titles and the Hellraiser Box theme played was absolutely priceless. Mash-ups are great fun, and it was an experience to be had–I strongly recommend it.

While flailing around to find an audio excerpt from Better An Old Demon Than A New God, I found the most excellent Chromaphobia blog, which has the Jim Carroll cut in its entirety. So check out that, but also, I thought, why not try to share my Coil/Carroll mashup experience?

Here’s what you can do–open one browser window with the Chromaphobia blog page for Better An Old Demon Than a New God, then open this page on Discogs.com for the Coil Unreleased Themes For Hellraiser 10″ disc. Start playing the Jim Carroll track first, then start the Hellraiser Box Theme clip so helpfully provided and you’ll get about the same experience I did when I did my version of this…I enjoyed it so much, I did it again using the method just decribed–great spooky fun.

(Transparency alert: I also have a copy of Better An Old Demon Than A New God available for sale on Discogs.com. Just sayin’.)

Turntabling Events Up Next

Every year, horror fans, vinyl junkies and collectors find the Turntabling booth at conventions like Cinema Wasteland, HorrorHound Weekend, and many other shows. I’ve got a pretty busy few months coming up and if you’re looking for rare vinyl, you should definitely meet me at one of the following shows where I’ll have Turntabling set up and selling vinyl records in person:

Flashback Weekend, August 12-14 2011 in Rosemont, Illinois. It’s located at the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare at 5440 River Road.

Cinema Wasteland, September 30 – October 2 2011 in Strongsville Ohio. It’s at the Holiday Inn at 15471 Royalton Road in Strongsville.

Horrorhound Weekend November 11-13 2011 in Cincinnati Ohio. This one is at the Crowne Plaza Hotel 11320 Chester Road.

I’ll have a table FULL of amazing stuff including Goblin on vinyl, plus more LP titles from Skinny Puppy, Coil, Sleep Chamber, the Inferno soundtrack, William S. Burroughs, Leonard Nimoy reading Ray Bradbury on vinyl, Tom Baker reading Jules Verne on vinyl, Morricone, a ton of more rare and hard-to-find vinyl records you’ll definitely want to see.

I also have a very nice supply of CD titles which are equally rare and hard to find. Turntabling is all about hard-to-find titles, oddball, rare and bizarre vinyl and CD releases. Can you afford NOT to miss these shows?

I am always looking for more conventions to set up a table at, so if you are putting together a horror, sci-fi or collectible convention, please get in touch as I’d love to know more–especially if you are within a few hours of Chicago. Drop me an e-mail to jwallace (at) turntabling (dot net) to get in touch about conventions, record shows (I do sell ad space for record dealer conventions here) and more. Did I mention that I also like to buy record collections or portions of collections? Get in touch.

–Joe Wallace

Chris and Cosey, John Lacey: Elemental 7 Soundtrack

This is a rare vinyl record released on Cabaret Voltaire’s Doublevision label back in the 80s. The soundtrack to a Doublevision video of the same name, Elemental 7 features Chris and Cosey and John Lacey performing as CTI, Creative Technology Institute.

Lots of analog synth action going on here, with dialog and other vocal sampling going on with tracks like Meeting Mr. Evans. The music won’t shock fans of Cabaret Voltaire, Throbbing Gristle, Coil, and the likes, but for me, the real draw for this record is in both its cross-pollenation with Cabaret Voltaire and the fact that it’s for intents and purposes an archive of material that no longer exists.

The masters for this release have since been destroyed due to poor storage. The sounds were saved from oblivion at the last moment for a CD reissue of a set of projects on Conspiracy International, but this album is the OG release–an artifact of original multi-track tapes that have given up the ghost.

Check out this sample from the album. “Meeting Mr. Evans” is definitely something I would have been attracted to then, and still am now. I’ve always had a soft spot for this sort of thing, which is why anything released on Doublevision has my full attention–even when it’s not that great overall, there’s still a certain quality about the material that keeps me coming back for more.

(and yes, I do have a copy of Elemental 7: The Original Soundtrack for sale on Etsy.com, for FAR CHEAPER than it is selling from other people on places like Discogs.com where this record is listed for upwards of $70 or more. Yowza.)

–Joe Wallace

Rare Vinyl Finds For Sale

Here are some of the latest new arrivals to the Turntabling collection for sale. All vinyl is in Very Good condition at a minimum.

The Golden Voyage of Sinbad soundtrack–this is the soundtrack LP from the film starring John Phillip Law of Diabolik fame, plus the one and only Tom Baker! The soundtrack was by Miklos Rozsa and is a very tasty find–especially for the cover art. Very nice indeed! A fabulous rare vinyl find for $20 plus shipping.

Sid Vicious and Eddie Cochran on one record? Yes–the McDonald Brothers Company presents “A World Title Contest Over Eight Rounds” on Sid Vicious Vs. Eddie Cochran, a vinyl LP that features Eddie Cochran originals and Sid Vicious covers of them– a fascinating artifact of the original punk era. This also includes Sid’s version of Search and Destroy and My Way, plus Eddie Cochran singing the classic C’Mon Everybody, Somethin’ Else, and Weekend. Can you really say no? $20 plus shipping and it’s yours, a piece of history!

Here’s an insanely rare find–Leonard Nimoy reading Ray Bradbury. The Illustrated Man is a classic all by itself, but to have Nimoy giving it the treatment is a rare thing indeed. This will NOT last long–there are plenty of lit geeks like me out there all too eager to own something this unique. $30 plus shipping for this title owing to its scarcity, naturally. Trust me, this is MUCH more expensive at conventions…

Special Prices Available for Vinyl for Sale by Turntabling at Discogs.com

In case you didn’t already know, Turntabling is selling vinyl at Discogs.com including plenty of rarities and hard-to-find titles like the original Day of the Dead soundtrack, Dawn of the Dead and much more. There are currently nearly 100 vinyl and CD titles listed for sale there.

Here’s the rub: Turntabling readers get a special discount (varies by title) when ordering via Discogs.com. It’s the sort of thing I do on an order-by-order basis, so there is not a specific % off type discount. It varies by title as some of them get quite pricey there due to rarity, difficulty to find, etc.

You can get the Turntabling discount by friending me on Facebook, and sending me a Facebook message letting me know what titles you are interested in buying. I will send you a reply with the discounted price and instructions on how to pay (via Paypal only).

Turntabling.net readers, please DISREGARD the Discogs.com prices–if you message me on Facebook, you will get a discount on the titles you mention. It’s as easy as that!

The prices on Discogs.com are NOT my “friend” prices. And anyone who reads Turntabling.net and friends me on Facebook is definitely worthy of friend prices…

Why not take a look at my rare vinyl inventory on Discogs.com, then hop over to Facebook and friend me there, and send me a message on any vinyl you’d like to purchase? I’ll shoot you back a discounted price and we can get things rolling.

As always, thanks for reading and have fun browsing the inventory. There is more being added daily.