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Random Weirdness On Vinyl…Via David Letterman

If you found the Turntabling table at Flashback Weekend, or any other convention Turntabling sells at, you probably get the (correct) impression that Turntabling has a soft spot for weirdness on vinyl…and this clip from 90’s era David Letterman proves that weird has a broader appeal…at least when it comes to record collecting. The highlight of this clip has to be the album featuring recorded conversations with New York City cab drivers. Somebody actually PAID to have that pressed up…and now I want one.

Cleaning Vinyl Records…If You’re Really Brave

I can’t get into the notions I keep seeing on YouTube when it comes to how to clean vinyl records. Steam and wood glue seem to be popular with some, but I refuse to inflict such punishments on my record collection. I present this video as a curiosity…but if you’re REALLY tempted to give this a shot, may I suggest trying it on the most disposable record in your collection as a test first?

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