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Saying The Unthinkable! Vinyl Documentary Film

This is a clip from Vinyl, the documentary film about record collectors, hoarders, miscreants, and music lovers in general. In this segment, filmmaker Alan Zweig talks about maybe packing it in, getting a life (huh?) and finding a girlfriend. The most insane moment in the clip is when he intimates that collecting vinyl and having a life are incompatible. What?

Fascinating, but the sentiment is a bit misguided. You don’t have to be a no-life cellar dweller to collect vinyl, but I DO understand the obsessive need to immerse yourself in something. What did you think of this clip? I haven’t seen the full documentary yet so it’s hard to say if he’s deadpan kidding here or if there’s a scary degree of seriousness to his idea that vinyl might be incompatible with life in general.

–Joe Wallace

Vinyl Road Rage 2 Begins Thursday August 12 2010

I’ve been writing about this for ages, it seems, but the time is FINALLY here. Vinyl Road Rage 2: Chicago to NYC begins on Thursday. The road trip starts with the steeplechase that is getting out of Chicago itself, and the first stop of the journey is Michiana Used Music and Media, which promises used vinyl as well as DVDs and compact discs.

That first stop is only an hour or so outside the city of Chicago, and then a few more hours of driving on the first day to the next stop. I’ll be blogging the entire trip and while the entries may show up at odd hours, rest assured you’ll be taking the trip with me. There will be tons of photos, posts, even some podcasting from the road–a first for Turntabling.

Vinyl Road Rage Two goes all the way to Manhattan, provided there’s no alien abductions or zombie attacks along the way. If you’re digging the posts, please do us a favor and pass them along to your other favorite vinyl bloggers–we’d love to spread the word far and wide about the 12-day trip.

My journey includes a stop at the Andy Warhol museum in Pittsburg in hopes of catching some images of Warhol’s contribution to vinyl. Keeping my fingers crossed on that one.

And in case you’re interested, here’s a map of the journey. It’s not QUITE complete–there are a couple of vinyl destinations in NYC I haven’t added yet to the itinerary, but it’s more or less the whole thing:

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AC/DC Goes Overboard

ACDC guitar amp box set

This is fairly nuts, but you have to admire the vision–Aussie lads AC/DC are set to release an insane box set of live and studio rarities, according to Paste Magazine. The Paste article says this is due out in early November, but you can find it for sale now on Amazon.com.

Back Tracks features three CDs, two DVDs, plus a 180 gram audiophile vinyl record full of rare studio stuff. Oh, did we mention the damn thing comes with a working guitar amp as part of the packaging? According to Paste, the head is fully functional. Continue reading AC/DC Goes Overboard