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Chicagoland Record Collectors Show Sunday May 18 2014

Back CameraIt’s that time again–the Chicagoland Record Collectors Show is this Sunday, May 18, 2014 at the Best Western Hotel in Hillside, Illinois. (The address is 4400 Frontage Road Hillside, IL 60162).

I’ve attended this show for many years and have always found giant armloads of vinyl to bring home. I manage to spend at least $200 at every show, minimum so be prepared to NOT eat lunch after you’ve gone because all your available cash will have gone to what’s lurking in the record crate you should bring with you to this show–you’ll need it.

I myself prefer to pay the “early bird fine” (my words, not theirs) and get in early before everything is all picked over by the sweaty masses. It’s true–there are advantages to showing up early.

If you live in Chicagoland or are visiting from out of town, I recommend this show–do NOT miss it, vinyl junkies.

–Joe Wallace

Vintage Vinyl Record Show and Sale Dealer Special

You’ve probably noticed by now the ads featuring the Vintage Vinyl Record Show and Sale in Grayslake, Illinois August 13 and 14, 2011. For record dealers, there’s a special offer for a limited time–reserve two dealer tables and get one free.

That’s a pretty good deal on table space, and if you’re a new dealer or someone tempted to get into record selling, that’s the sort of special that could really help. Especially if you’ve invested a lot in stock already and don’t have a lot of spare cash.

The Vintage Vinyl Show and Sale, August 13-14 in Grayslake, Illinois discount is available when you call (715) 526-9769 and request the discount when you reserve your space. Please be sure to mention Turntabling when you ask for the discount.

A lot of people I know have done tables at other types of conventions but have never ventured into a record show, or are used to selling online only. Aren’t you curious about what it’s like to get a rush of people carting off piles of vinyl? I’m here to tell you, there’s nothing like being in the middle of a run on your LPs like that–it’s awesome. So yes, I’m wholeheartedly endorsing the idea of your getting a table at a record show….selling online is fine, but there’s nothing like meeting your fellow vinyl junkies in person.