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Dario Argento Soundtrack Vinyl For Sale at Turntabling

By popular demand, here’s an ever-growing list of the Dario Argento related titles currently available for sale here. This list is all the vinyl, we’ll post the compact disc collection very soon. Please note that in most cases this vinyl is either out of print or going to be so very soon.

All titles for sale here are sealed and unopened unless otherwise indicated. We actually don’t have any used Argento vinyl for sale here–can’t find any and the people who own these titles hang on to them for dear life–but we have to let you know it’s sealed, regardless.

Goblin Dawn Of The Dead Soundtrack Vinyl LP

Dario Argento acted as a producer on the ground-breaking George Romero undead opus, so it gets included here.

Argento was also responsible for bringing Goblin to the table for the soundtrack so he gets double kudos for this. The bad news is that this Dagored vinyl LP is out of print now and when supplies are gone, they’re gone for good unless the Italian distributor decides to print another run someday. This is now extremely collectible.

This is a new, sealed import vinyl LP. Buy the Dawn of the Dead soundtrack by Goblin from Turntabling for $28.00. These are going fast–when they’re gone, they’re gone for good.

Tenebre Soundtrack Vinyl LP by Goblin

The vinyl LP soundtrack for Tenebre on Dagored Records is even more collectible than Dawn of the Dead. This title is out of print and likely not to return, which means that sealed, unopened copies are worth far more today than ever.

This soundtrack is one Argento’s most famous, thanks in part to Claudio Simonetti’s Italo disco stylings on the best-known cuts. Technically speaking this is not a Goblin record–the band wasn’t able to use the name for contractual reasons at the time–but this is classic Goblin nonetheless, if not a completely different sound for the group. Completist collectors should definitely try to get their hands on one of these while it’s still available. Tenebre is a sealed, import vinyl LP pressed on 180 gram vinyl

Buy Tenebre from Turntabling for $30.00 plus shipping.

Four Flies On Grey Velvet Soundtrack Vinyl LP Ennio Morricone

You won’t get Morricone’s haunting score for this early giallo by Argento out of your head for weeks. The whispers, moans and experimental percussion are a lower-volume precursor to the high-octane shrieks and clangs in Suspiria. Some might call that a stretch, but listen to the two soundtracks back to back and you might be surprised.

This too is a highly endangered species on vinyl–when supplies are gone, they’re gone! Just TRY to find this in any used record shop or on eBay for a reasonable price. We have a limited supply of Four Flies On Grey Velvet, they are sealed, 180 gram vinyl LPs on the excellent Dagored label. Get them while they last!

Buy the Four Flies On Grey Velvet vinyl record from Turntabling for $29.00 plus shipping.

Suspiria Vinyl LP by Goblin

The king of the Argento soundtracks, Suspiria features Goblin at the hieght of their creativity and spookiness. This album completely transcends the film its in, standing alone as a sonic accomplishment that demands to be recognized with or without the film.

Suspiria is also out of print and getting more scarce in this form than ever. It will soon be listed as ultra-rare and as with Tenebre, we challenge crate diggers to find one of these in the used bins–we’ve never seen it happen!

We have extremely limited stock of this awesome vinyl record, sealed and unsullied by human hands. Suspiria is a sealed, imported vinyl record on 180-gram vinyl.

Buy Suspiria now from Turntabling for $39.00 plus shipping.

Deep Red AKA Profondo Rosso by Goblin

Goblin’s soundtrack for Deep Red, also known as Profondo Rosso, is a driving prog-filled album that really enhances the film. There are a couple of cheesy moments with analog synth flourishes thrown in for no apparent reason, but these are quickly forgotten when the prog attack kicks in again.

Goblin was in fine form on this soundtrack in spite of being intimidated by the job–they were brought onto the film after Argento fired the original composer…but Simonetti and company stepped up to the task quite nicely. As with so many (all?) of the other titles in the Dario Argento soundtrack catalog, this particular release on Dagored Records is going out of print and is more of a rarity than ever for vinyl junkies.

The Goblin Profondo Rosso soundtrack is a new, sealed vinyl LP on 180-gram vinyl. Buy it now while supplies last from Turntabling for $28.00 plus shipping.

That’s all the Argento vinyl we have in stock currently. Stay tuned for the list of Argento-related CD titles!

WTF Album Covers: Hello Lovers Roger Nusic Here For You Only

Knowing absolutely nothing about this record other than this wacko-jacko album cover, the first thing that springs to mind when I look at the image is, “I remember THAT SCENE in Cannibal Holocaust…” The liner notes for this Roger Nusic album on CD Baby helpfully mention the contribution of a drummer named Sticky Dave Friendly. With a name like that, can a career in porn be very far away?

Unfortunately for Roger Nusic, the album covers only get creepier from here. Feast your eyes on THIS:

I weep for the future.

–Joe Wallace

iZotope Vinyl Plug-In


Intriguing. Advanced. Utterly ridiculous. The marketing hype for this effects plug-in for Pro Tools says iZotope is the “ultimate lo-fi weapon” to take your delicious, pristine, 24-bit multi-track audio production and turn them into murky pieces of analog crap! iZotope is basically a free plug-in you can use to simulate playback of the recorded material on a vinyl album. Since the name of this blog is Turntabling, you’d think I’d be all for this plugin, but something about it doesn’t seem right.

I suppose iZotope would be GREAT as a fun gimmick on a digital-only release, but anybody dreaming of putting their music on an ACTUAL record would do well to run away screaming from this with haste.

Again, I think it would be amusing to tart up a portion of some digital track with iZotope, but that’s about as far as I think it would be useful–at least in MY music.

If you’re a Pro Tools user and are dying of curiosity, you can download the iZotope plugin at the product page and have a go.

Mastering Audio for Vinyl: The Gospel According to SoundOnSound

Stumbled across an interesting piece written for SoundOnSound about the process of mastering your recordings for vinyl. I am by no means an expert on the subject, but one thing that rings loud and clear in this article–pay strict attention to distortion due to overmodulation in the mix. Never a good thing, anytime you start exceeding the tolerances you are begging for trouble, especially with digital.

I am eagerly collecting a small archive of these kinds of articles so expect more links to relevant writing on mastering for vinyl in the future. Most of the vinyl junkies I know are also musicians of varying degrees of experience, so there’s plenty of relevance there. If you aren’t a musician but have a massive collection of vinyl records, my guess is you are either a frustrated musician or a DJ. I’m BOTH.