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Commedia Sexy All’Italiana – Italian Sex Comedy Soundtrack CD (NSFW)

Roberto Pregadio, one of the great composers from the Kriminal soundtrack adds an incredible ┬ámusic for the soundtrack to the movie Il Medico…La Studentessa.

A man and a woman look surprised by circumstances around them. The fellow is adjusting some of his clothing. The woman is topless and the rest of her garments are sheer.

As a CD with artwork that’s not safe for most workplaces, Commedia Sexy All’Italiana has some lovely soundtrack selections that shouldn’t be overlooked. There are twenty tracks from the late ’60s and early ’70s. It also has a booklet showing scenes and posters from the original movies.

In the ’70s film makers worldwide turned to sex to sell movie tickets. The Italian film producers employed the same composers who added jazzy excitement to their western and horror genres to score the comedies where the women shed their clothing and the men became hot and bothered.

This collection shows that the music added to the comedies whimsy, passion and naughtiness. The tracks stand out with a sexiness all their own. Commedia Sexy All’Italiana might not be safe to play at work, without the headphones and a cover for the lady on the case. These tracks would be great for your collection of inventive film soundtracks and additional sexy swing to any party or dance floor.

Turntabling has a CD copy of Commedia Sexy All’Italiana for sale at our Discogs store. It is, of course first come, first served.

Commedia Sexy All'Italiana For Sale

Turntabling at HorrorHound Weekend Cincinnati Ohio Nov 12-14

Turntabling will have a booth packed full of rare vinyl and other fun finds at HorrorHound Weekend in Cincinnati Ohio. This is our second year with the HorrorHound folks and it is always a great time whether in Indianapolis or in Cincinnati. This year’s lineup promises to be amazing–Malcom McDowell, Linda Blair, Bill Moseley and many others all waiting to meet you.

Turntabling has a table full of surprises, too. I’ve come into some very tasty rare titles on vinyl lately and vinyl junkies should DEFINITELY come by and say hello. Would you like to get your hands on the vinyl Inglorious Basterds soundtrack? Or how about Pan’s Labyrinth on vinyl? A bit of Goblin you don’t already own? There’s even a few rarities on CD you’ll want to see…come out and get chatty with us at HorrorHound Weekend!

HorrorHound Weekend is located at the Crowne Plaza Cincinnati North 11320 Chester Road, Cincinnati Ohio 45246. We hear the Crowne Plaza is fully booked, but there are other hotels literally seconds away that still seem to have rooms available.

Piero Umilliani: “Lady Magnolia”

Yesterday I mentioned picking up the soundtrack by Piero Umilliani pictured above, La Ragazza…Today, lo and behold, what do I find while idly searching around on YouTube? A collection of posts on Umillani, including this trippy vid accompanied by Umilliani’s Lady Magnolia as performed by Lavalamp. Very nice stuff indeed!

There is nothing more fun than being a left-of-center musical omnivore who can devour Kinks, Sex Pistols, Buggles, Hawaiian Pups and Morricone records with equal fervor. I remember being surrounded by people in college who were monochromatic, musically speaking. How sad for them!

One thing I love about vinyl records is the ability to discover new sounds at budget prices. I never would have picked up now-treasured recordings by the far-out Mystic Moods Orchestra or 4 Out of 5 Doctors if they hadn’t been in the bargain bins. Taking a chance on crazy bands and compilations like Pop Against Pope would be crazy at full price, at least in THIS economy…but I digress. Enjoy the vid, and as for Lavalamp, and I would certainly love to hear more of their work–right up my alley, this is…Lavalamp, get in touch!