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Tenebre Soundtrack Vinyl…The Last of the Last?

Goblin Tenebre LP vinyl albumIt’s been fun, but it looks like the fun is about to end. We have it on good authority that the much-beloved Tenebre vinyl LP released by Dagored is finally going out of print. Once they are gone from your local record stores, they are gone unless somebody in Italy changes their mind and decides to run up some more of these.

What does this mean for us, the rabid record collectors, Goblin junkies, soundtrack lovers everywhere? Unfortunately, in the same vein as the much sought-after release of The Beyond soundtrack, prices on any remaining copies of Tenebre on vinyl released by Dagored will probably go through the roof.

The Beyond OST soundtrack CD by Fabio Frizzi already sells for $199 US for a new, sealed copy. That is utter MADNESS, don’t you think? Used copies of the CD sell for about $50. Will this also happen to the much beloved Tenebre soundtrack? Probably.

Turntabling itself has sold out of the Dagored vinyl release of Tenebre–it flew off our table at the HorrorHound Weekend show in Indianapolis, so alas there will be no profiteering from us thanks to the lack of Tenebre vinyl…however we are always looking for more copies and rest assured, if we find them we will put them up for sale here–without the $100 price tag, thank you very much!
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One Pricey Collector’s Item: The Beyond Soundtrack


I have it on good authority that you won’t be seeing Fabio Frizzi’s great soundtrack for The Beyond resurfacing anytime soon–at least not the one released on Dagored back in the early 2000s. The way soundtrack reissues work is that a record label has to chase down licensing rights and pay for permission to reissue the album. It’s never guaranteed that a label will actually GET permission to put out the album. I have no idea what the status of the rights to The Beyond might be, but it’s not coming out again anytime soon and existing copies fetch upwards of $75 each–and that’s for the COMPACT DISC version, NOT the LP. If you spot it somewhere used and it’s cheaper (as if), you’ve found yourself a bargain. You can search all you want for this LP, but everywhere you look it will be listed as Out Of Stock. Except where it’s being sold for extreme collector prices. If you can tell me different, I’m all ears–I’d gladly scoop up one for myself and a big handful to sell right here on Turntabling.