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Deep Red (Profondo Rosso) Trailer

Why are some of us vinyl collectors so hung up on giallo soundtracks, Italian horror, and Italian cinema in general? The Ennio Morricone connection aside, there is some kind of weird perfect storm that happens when you get the music, the trailes, and the movies together. A look at the Deep Red trailer is proof of that. Deep Red, aka Profondo Rosso, was directed by Dario Argento at the height of his talent and cinematic clout. Starring David Hemmings and Dario Nicolodi, this is a GREAT entry into the world of giallo. If you haven’t seen it, the trailer might just push you over the edge.

Goblin’s score for this goes all over the place, from edgy prog to moody atmospheres, and it’s fairly unique among their output if you’re thinking of soundtracks like Dawn Of The Dead and Tenebre. This was a project Goblin stepped into after Giorgio Gaslini and Argento parted ways during the film. Gaslini gets a credit on the soundtrack, but Goblin is front and center.

P.S. if you let this video play and move on to the next ones, there are a TON of great Italian horror and horror-related trailers there…loads of classics!

Giallo Trailers: Death Will Have Your Eyes, Spasmo, Black Belly of the Tarantula

In case you haven’t noticed from all the giallo soundtracks Turntabling has for sale by Goblin, Morricone, Riz Ortolani, and many more, I am obsessed with giallo films, and Italian cinema in general. (Yes Eurocine is basically an obsession, but there’s something about those Italians…)

Here is a fun little helping of giallo trailers–watching these is a favorite Internet time waster at the very least, and can make for a fun evening of adult beverages and random finds on a good night. I’ve spent good money on soundtracks for these films on the strength of having heard the music in the trailer alone–believe it or not, you can do well looking for new soundtrack sounds to obsess over just by watching these! That’s especially true for Spasmo and Black Belly of the Tarantula (see below).

The trailer for Death Will Have Your Eyes looks maddeningly familiar, but I personally can’t remember ever having watched it.

Spasmo is hands down one of the best giallo trailers of all time, and the movie is pretty outstanding too. It’s one of my all-time favorites. The plot twists and turns so hard that when you finally get round to the end, it’s a relief that ANY of it makes sense.

The Black Belly of the Tarantula is also a standout film of the genre, one not to be missed–and that soundtrack! Definitely worth a look–the plot is outrageous, the music is not to be missed, giallo soundtrack vinyl fans…

–Joe Wallace

Beyond the Valley of the Dolls

beyond the valley of the dollsIFC is a wonderful thing. If you missed their recent showings of Russ Meyer’s Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, you owe it to yourself to see it somehow. The movie is utter madness. With a soundtrack that wavers back and forth between hip and laughably square, and a torrent of absolutely ridiculous dialogue (supplied by screen writer Roger Ebert!) this is the ultimate six-pack movie.

Speaking as someone who, as a kid yearned for someone to drop acid in the Brady Bunch’s water supply, Beyond the Valley of the Dolls is the perfect antidote to all of that Sherwood Schwartz 60s wholesome television goodness.


Roy Budd: Get Carter

Morricone rightfully gets a ton of respect for his soundtracks, but by comparison fellow soundtrack wizard Roy Budd is woefully underrated. Check out this trailer for Get Carter, which features great soundtrack sounds by Budd throughout. Budd has a nice double disc set featuring some of his best work.

Get Budd: The Soundtracks is a worthy investment if you love those 60s action/heist/gangster movie sounds, or if you want to see what else Budd got up to after Get Carter. The movie itself is excellent, Michael Caine really tops himself in this…he’s the prototype for Bruce Willis, Stallone, even Arnold had to take some cues from Caine in this film.

Chuck Norris is a toffee-nosed stripling compared to Caine in Get Carter…Nobody in the entire world comes as close. Standout moments in the trailer include the totally naked Caine chasing a couple of gangsters out of his room with a shotgun…let’s see Norris try THAT. On second thought, maybe not.