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Sell Us Your Vinyl Record Collection

We buy vinyl records and record collections

I am looking for record collections to purchase. Turntabling as a record selling site has been dormant for some time due to a variety of reasons, but now that we are back online our record buying activities are also alive and kicking. I buy record collections and would be happy to view any collection that has a decent amount of the right genres.

You can contact me to discuss your record collection initially via e-mail at jwallace@turntabling.net Please include a description of the types of vinyl in your collection, the estimated condition of the records, approximately how many you have and please enclose images where possible of the collection as a whole plus any individual items you may want to let me know about.


I am primarily interested in the following genres:

Soundtracks, especially Ennio Morricone, or any of the 60s/70s Italian soundtrack artists such as Riz Ortolani, Stelvio Cipriani, Roberto Donati, Goblin, Nico Fidenco, etc.

Post-Punk and New Wave including groups like Magazine, Devo, Slow Children, Hawaiian Pups, The Units, Single Bullet Theory, The Suburban Lawns, Adam Ant, anything that falls into this category is always worth a look. Strange, obscure, underappreciated, all welcome.

Gothic/Industrial groups like Sisters of Mercy, Xymox, Legendary Pink Dots, Skinny Puppy, BiGod 20, industrial compilations, Coil, Severed Heads, Front 242, Cure, Banshees, KMFDM, etc. Any collections with a good amount of records like these will get my full attention. Swans, Neubauten, Killing Joke, Chris Connelly, Ministry, PTP, RevCo, etc.

Reggae and Dub but ESPECIALLY dub LPs. The more far out the better. Scientist, Super Ape, Lee Scratch Perry, dub compilations, anything with Adrian Sherwood or Twilight Circus on it, anything from Black Ark studios,  Blood and Fire, On-U Sound, e4tc.

60s/70s Psych and especially garage, teacup psychedelia, early brit psych, etc.

Noise and Experimental: I am looking for a variety of weirdness, noise, experimentation, odd pressings, you name it. The weirder or more unusual the better. Japanese noise especially welcome. Want to get rid of those GeroGeriGeGeGe and Boredoms releases? Getting tired of UFO Or Die and Extreme Noise Terror releases lying around your home? Merzbow annoying your cats? I buy these and much more.

Religious Records of all kinds, the stranger and more left of center, occult-oriented, intolerant/bigoted the better. Especially interested in 80s CCM albums such as those released on Frontline, What?, Sparrow, etc. If you have televangelist records please get in touch. If you have Daniel Amos records, Crumbacher, Edin Adahl, Scatered Few, etc…get in touch.

Bizarre Spoken Word Records including any sex-related, adults only or otherwise naughty albums. Instructional LPs are also great, but the stranger the better. I also buy literature-based spoken word records such as the celebrity reads albums like Roddy McDowall reading HP Lovecraft, Sir Alec Guinness reading A Modest Proposal, sci fi authors reading their own work, etc.

I also buy unusual albums of any type–outsider records, private press LPs, etc.

When purchasing record collections, I am quick to tell people what I DO NOT BUY:

Show tunes. Sorry,  no Broadway, no musicals.

Classic Rock. Not interested in Journey, Kiss, AC/DC, or any of the other groups considered classic rock or Album Oriented Rock. There may be ONE OR TWO exceptions, but not many.

Country. Nuff said.

Jazz. In my experience, the jazz I am interested in (Miles Davis, Coltrane, genres like Soul Jazz music, BeBop, etc) are not the titles offered in collections made available for sale. I’m not buying collections of standard jazz groups or soloists. Avant garde jazz, unusual, funky, left-of-center jazz is another story, so if you have Sun Ra, Ornette Coleman, things of that nature, do let me know. THOSE things I AM interested in.

Singer/Songwriters. Sorry, but we have no demand for Carly Simon, Joan Baez, Carole King, Dionne Warwick, etc. No James Taylor, Jim Croche, etc.

If you have records to sell, please get in touch with Turntabling via my email address: jwallace@turntabling.net and be sure to include your contact information, general location, and how many LPs you have for sale. Thank you very much for your interest.

We are buying record collections of all sizes

Turntabling buys record collections

Alsip Record Collectors Show

Alsip Illinois is not what you’d think of as record collector’s heaven, but for one day in November–Saturday November 20, 2010 to be exact–it is EXACTLY that. The Alsip Record Collectors Show was a goldmine for me—I dropped a nice pile of cash here on some obscurities that make my fellow collectors drool.

The thing I truly enjoyed most about this show were the deep discounts. A vinyl junkie buying large numbers of titles can get a good markdown from these very friendly dealers…and I didn’t even ask!

Contrast that to some of the people at the show who seemed, well, a bit too pushy for my tastes when they tried to negotiate discounts on stuff that was already going for half price.

A dealer’s got to turn SOME kind of a profit at these shows and I respect that–otherwise why go into the business in the first place? I was well pleased with the titles, selection and discounts I got from this show.

From the Tones on Tail colored vinyl 12-inch of “Lions” with GO! as the b-side to the Skinny Puppy LP Mind: The Perpetual Intercourse, I cleaned up.

I highly recommend the Alsip Record Collectors show. Whenever I find a new-to-me record show to attend, I hop on Facebook to see if they are listed there–the most savvy record shows take full advantage of Facebook.

I was stunned to see only TWO people like the Alsip record show FB page, which is sad…this is a show well worth attending even if it is on the outskirts of Chicago and an hour-ish drive away. Friend ’em on Facebook and give them some love. This is a small, easy to navigate and above all FUN TO SHOP record show.

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Privilege Original Soundtrack Vinyl LP

Privilege Original Soundtrack Peter Watkins vinylIn spite of some brilliant work, director Peter Watkins still relatively obscure–a true cult movie director in every sense of the word. He’s made several controversial pictures, one of which (Punishment Park) is still sometimes confused with a real documentary film by those who see the movie without any of the backstory of how it was made.

Privilege is a different beast altogether. This movie, starring Paul Jones & Jean Shrimpton, is about cults of personality, manipulation, religion, you name it. Some are rabid fanatics of this film, others say it doesn’t hold up very well. Some critics say that in spite of the flaws of this Peter Watkins film, it–like Punishment Park–does presage some latter-day abuses of power quite well.

The soundtrack is widely praised by those in the know, and the songs that are designed to be bombastic and ridiculous (see the movie already!) are that way be design. The Youtube clip from Privilege below is from a point in the film where the pop star icon has been co-opted by the Church and is now acting as its mouthpiece–hence the crosses and the religious lyrics. If you’re a fan of Privilege (as we are, again, in spite of its flaws) this soundtrack is definitely a must-own. Sadly, there’s only ONE of these in stock here at the moment–first come, first served!

The Privilege Original Soundtrack is a sealed, out-of-print original pressing on the Universal City label. It is NOT a recent repressing. Buy it now from Turntabling for $30 plus shipping.