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New Orleans Record Raid June 21st 2014 in Bywater

New Orleans Record Raid

Saturday June 21st from 9-5, the New Orleans Record Raid, for one day only. Billed as the largest record show in all of Louisiana, this sounds like a lot of fun, but be warned–the nearest ATM is a block and a half away, so come stocked with cash or you might just miss that awesome vinyl find…

This record show is put on by a non-profit, “to benefit recorded music culture in New Orleans, Louisiana and the Gulf South Region” according to the official site, which also adds, “For the most part, our shows are open-ended: we welcome all formats of recorded media from all vintages and musical styles, and try to keep the shows accessible for collectors and sellers. We have had over 50 vendors from all over the region, and it’s currently the only event of its kind in Louisiana.”


Chicagoland Record Collectors Show Sunday May 18 2014

Back CameraIt’s that time again–the Chicagoland Record Collectors Show is this Sunday, May 18, 2014 at the Best Western Hotel in Hillside, Illinois. (The address is 4400 Frontage Road Hillside, IL 60162).

I’ve attended this show for many years and have always found giant armloads of vinyl to bring home. I manage to spend at least $200 at every show, minimum so be prepared to NOT eat lunch after you’ve gone because all your available cash will have gone to what’s lurking in the record crate you should bring with you to this show–you’ll need it.

I myself prefer to pay the “early bird fine” (my words, not theirs) and get in early before everything is all picked over by the sweaty masses. It’s true–there are advantages to showing up early.

If you live in Chicagoland or are visiting from out of town, I recommend this show–do NOT miss it, vinyl junkies.

–Joe Wallace

Chicagoland Vinyl Record Show, Grayslake Illinois August 11-12 2012

You’ve seen the ads–for the second year in a row, I might add–about the Vintage Vinyl Record Show and Sale in Grayslake, Illinois August 11 and 12, 2012. The record show is a regular summer event in Chicagoland and the organizers are running the same special they did last year for vinyl sellers and record dealers; reserve two tables and get a third one for free.

For me personally, you can never have too much real estate to display your vinyl on at a convention, record show or any other event. The more space I have, the happier I am. So if you are tempted to sell some vinyl, why not consider the Vintage Vinyl Show and Sale, August 11-12 in Grayslake?

That special dealer discount is available when you call (715) 526-9769 and request the discount when you reserve your space.

Oh, and be sure to mention Turntabling when you ask for the discount–that’s always a big help.

I said as much this time last year, but it’s well worth repeating. If you have never ventured into a record show and or are used to buying & selling online only, you really should consider giving this a try. There’s nothing like meeting fellow vinyl collectors, talking shop and finding the rare, obscure and hard-to-locate vinyl you’ve been searching for. Record shows like this are among my favorite sources for the unusual LPs I love…

When it comes to selling LPs, I routinely spend $250 or more for a SINGLE TABLE at the horror conventions and other events I sell at…this show offers tables at a much more down-to-earth rate and it runs also features dealers selling phonographs, antique radios, etc. so there should be a very diverse crowd. Fellow record sellers, take note!

More information is at the Chicagoland Vinyl Record Show official site.

Vintage Vinyl Record Show and Sale Dealer Special

You’ve probably noticed by now the ads featuring the Vintage Vinyl Record Show and Sale in Grayslake, Illinois August 13 and 14, 2011. For record dealers, there’s a special offer for a limited time–reserve two dealer tables and get one free.

That’s a pretty good deal on table space, and if you’re a new dealer or someone tempted to get into record selling, that’s the sort of special that could really help. Especially if you’ve invested a lot in stock already and don’t have a lot of spare cash.

The Vintage Vinyl Show and Sale, August 13-14 in Grayslake, Illinois discount is available when you call (715) 526-9769 and request the discount when you reserve your space. Please be sure to mention Turntabling when you ask for the discount.

A lot of people I know have done tables at other types of conventions but have never ventured into a record show, or are used to selling online only. Aren’t you curious about what it’s like to get a rush of people carting off piles of vinyl? I’m here to tell you, there’s nothing like being in the middle of a run on your LPs like that–it’s awesome. So yes, I’m wholeheartedly endorsing the idea of your getting a table at a record show….selling online is fine, but there’s nothing like meeting your fellow vinyl junkies in person.

Vintage Vinyl Show and Sale, August 13-14 2011 Grayslake Illinois

August 13 and 14, don’t miss the greater Chicagoland Vintage Vinyl Show in Grayslake Illinois. There’s a special discount on admission by printing and bringing the ad below. This is run in conjunction with a 60s and 70s retro car show, so there is plenty to see and do. More information is at ZurkoPromotions.com.

Turntabling is happy to advertise your record show. Get in touch for ad rates and specifications. We offer special rates for record shows, indie record stores and vinyl-related events.

Vogue Picture Records 1946-1947

I discovered a fascinating blog post at COLOURlovers (a craft blog, not a vinyl blog) called Unusually Colored Vinyl Records. It featured a variety of impressive colored vinyl productions including the Man Or Astroman release, “Your Weight On The Moon” on  glow-in-the-dark vinyl pictured above. But the REAL treasure in this blog post was the mention of some seriously vintage post-war vinyl produced in Detroit by a company called Sav-Way Industries.

The Vogue Picture Discs are amazing for their detail and the instant visual reference to the  post war era when they were made (1946-1947) but the real stunner for me was the visual theme of the Marion Mann track, “You Took Advantage of Me”.

Decades before The Tubes put out Mondo Bondage, here’s a very racy post-war vinyl record implying all sorts of naughty things with this picture. There are some 74 Vogue Picture Record titles in this collection, which you can view more of at the University of California Santa Barbara, but none of them are quite as provocative as this one.

Sure, it COULD be argued that this was an innocent depiction of the song’s theme, but lest we forget, post-war culture in the 40s was filled with double entendres created to titillate and amuse while maintaining “plausible deniability” in a so-called respectable society. Mondo bondage indeed!

–Joe Wallace

Vintage Vinyl, St. Louis Missouri

vintage vinyl st louis missouri

by Joe Wallace

Where the mighty St. Louis-based Record Exchange wins hands-down for sheer staggering size and collector-friendly deep stacks, Vintage Vinyl gets top marks for diversity of styles and a selection that’s more squarely in the present and recent past (though the classic vinyl doesn’t get neglected, no siree.)

In short, it’s the sort of place an OCD vinyl junkie can bring a less-interested significant other and have a reasonable chance of both walking away with new tunes. I am particularly impressed with the soul/R&B vinyl, and there’s plenty of new, shink-wrapped releases to look at, too.

Once again, the “rock” category proves to be a real bummer since most of the stuff I look for there is more along the Athens jangle-pop sound or obscure new wave titles…but you’ll be forced to sift through those godawful Krokus albums and 15 million copies of Journey and Manfred Mann. The prerequisite Aimee Mann/Til Tuesday records (ever present!) are there, but there’s an awful lot of good 80s/90s indie vinyl represented. And if you’re a jazz freak, you won’t ever leave, since that section is equally well-stocked. Continue reading Vintage Vinyl, St. Louis Missouri

Vinyl Road Trip Day One: St. Louis LP Frenzy


by Joe Wallace

This is the view outside the famous St. Louis vinyl paradise, Vintage Vinyl–one of three stops on Day One of the first-ever Turntabling vinyl road trip from hell. It’s tough to choose name for this–Vinyl Road Rage 09 sounds like some dumbass MTV show, and Vinyl Road Trip sounds so bloody generic…whatever. The finds are the important thing.

And what finds there were! I’m on a bug hunt for the strange, the unusual, the unmistakably freakish and wrong…and a few dub and soundtrack LPs, too. One the freaky front, there was no shortage of material–who on EARTH thought THIS was a good idea?


I mean, sweet JESUS, this clown looks like he’s about ready to take some hostages and start screaming “DOG DAY AFTERNOON!”

And then there’s this little beauty, discovered in the “educational/how-to” LP section at Vintage Vinyl amid the typing instructional LPs and the “My Life In My Own Words” album by Douglas MacArthur. No commentary needed here, but I do want to meet the family that’s putting this idea into practice. And buy a half ounce off them:


I have plenty to write about both Vintage Vinyl and Record Exchange, both located in St. Louis, but I’ll save those for another post.  I just wanted to get something up here and say to all the new followers on Twitter and such THANK YOU FOR THE RE-TWEETS! I really appreciate it. To recap…I am now in full road trip mode, on a vinyl hunt that started out in Chicago and will go round trip via St. Louis (today’s leg), Springfield and Joplin Missouri, Oklahoma City and Norman OK, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio, Texas…whew!

If you know of any good indie record shops or places to buy vinyl along this route (I-55, I44, I 35), please drop me a comment and let me know, I’d love to take a side journey along the way!