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Vintage Garage Chicago

vintage garage chicagoI recently got the vintage bug after looking for vinyl at one of Chicago’s other vintage fairs and lo and behold, Vintage Garage Chicago has RECORD RAMP scheduled for June 15 2014.

This is a pretty exciting development for me as I was a bit resigned to having to go on a bug hunt for record sellers at events like this–don’t ask me why, just a stupid assumption on my part–and I find myself pleasantly surprised that I won’t have to use a microscope to find records after all…

This month’s event is all about Mid-Century Modern, which is another obsession of mine, so I will be haunting Vintage Garage Chicago this month and next…and probably for the entire summer. I’ve never been to one of these before so look forward to coverage here when the time comes…hopefully I can find one of those space-age “bubble” turntables at a reasonable price.

(image below courtesy www.vintageandflea.com)

–Joe Wallace

Futuristic turntable 60s midcentury modern

The Vixens of Vinyl

I love vintage album covers. My favorites include any of the misguidedly cheesy “erotic” album covers by Mystic Moods Orchestra or any of the swinging bachelor pad album covers. Now I have stumbled across this book, The Vixens of Vinyl, and I have to say, it is essential coffee table reading for anyone who shares my strange fixation on vinyl album covers, people in outdated sexy costumes with too much eye makeup. In this book, Benjamin Darling collects the finest array of decidedly pre-feminist album art from Esquivel, Martin Denny and other vintage bachelor pad artistes. This one’s 132 pages worth of raging hormones, nonstop racy artwork featuring models with too much hairspray.