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Turntabling.net Curates Vinyl Art Show At Bridgeport Art Center In Chicago

StudioLab, my art space located on the 5th floor of the Bridgeport Art Center, is host to the first-ever Turntabling vinyl record art show and exhibit, Sexy And Scary Vinyl.

This show features a LOT of vinyl records, album cover art work, exploitation movie trailers, and soundtrack music by Ennio Morricone, Riz Ortolani, John Carpenter, Goblin, Stelvio Cipriani, Mike Patton, Isaac Hayes, Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra, Piero Umiliani, and SOOOOO many others. Details below, but SAVE THE DATE! It’s Friday June 20th 2014, 6PM til late at 1200 W. 35th on the 5th floor of the Bridgeport Art Center in Chicago.


–Joe Wallace

Vinyl Art by Daniel Edlen

vinylart dot com sample images

Some vinyl uber-purists might cringe at the idea that record albums are being used to create original works of art rather than take another spin on a turntable somewhere, but let’s face it–there are millions of records everywhere, and not all of them are in pristine condition, know what I mean?

That’s why I love the idea of using vinyl records in art–there’s a landill somewhere that will be lighter as a result, and those of us who love vinyl above and beyond what’s contained in those grooves the needle hits tend to be fans of this stuff. Continue reading Vinyl Art by Daniel Edlen