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Chicagoland Record Collectors Show Sunday May 18 2014

Back CameraIt’s that time again–the Chicagoland Record Collectors Show is this Sunday, May 18, 2014 at the Best Western Hotel in Hillside, Illinois. (The address is 4400 Frontage Road Hillside, IL 60162).

I’ve attended this show for many years and have always found giant armloads of vinyl to bring home. I manage to spend at least $200 at every show, minimum so be prepared to NOT eat lunch after you’ve gone because all your available cash will have gone to what’s lurking in the record crate you should bring with you to this show–you’ll need it.

I myself prefer to pay the “early bird fine” (my words, not theirs) and get in early before everything is all picked over by the sweaty masses. It’s true–there are advantages to showing up early.

If you live in Chicagoland or are visiting from out of town, I recommend this show–do NOT miss it, vinyl junkies.

–Joe Wallace

Dust and Grooves Strikes Again…

One of the best vinyl blogs on the planet (objective, aren’t we?) is the wonderful Dust And Grooves. What’s most excellent about this blog, subject matter aside, is the photography of people and their record collections. Eilon Paz has a great photographic eye and his subjects always look far more artistic than you’d imagine a collection of photographs of vinyl records to be. In short, amazing work.

One of the latest posts at Dust and Grooves features Emek Can Tulus, a record collector based in Istanbul, who had a lot to say about the tactile fun of record collecting in general and about Turkish vinyl in particular. This is some amazing stuff! His collection is nothing short of amazing…and his cat likes it, too. Highly recommended!


Vinyl Junkie Art

I’ve been busy here at Turntabling HQ working on a series of vinyl-related art prints that are now available for sale at the Turntable shop at Etsy.com. I’ve got some of this stuff on my own walls at home now and thought it would be fun to put the images up for sale as a fundraiser for Turntabling. Vinyl collectors, this is especially for you.

Since it’s the holiday season, what could be better than a simple, easy gift idea like this for the vinyl junkies in our lives? I know of three people these prints are headed out to before the holiday season kicks off…how many collectors do you know that could use some spruced-up wall space? Check out Turntabling shop at Esty to see these prints and many others…I have to confess, making this turntable art is addictive…I might be on to a new sideline here!

By the way, one of my early experiments is with a set of images specific to certain bands like Goblin, like this print:

Right now, this is one of the most affordable prints for sale at the Turntabling shop. It comes as a print only (no frame). If you like the concept but have a request for a different artist or album, drop me a line via Etsy or here (jwallace at turntabling dot net) and let me know, I’d be happy to do a custom order in small or large sizes. I can do everything from 4 x 6, 12 x 12 and even larger poster sizes if necessary.

Chicagoland Record Collectors Show Hillside, Illinois

My first-ever visit to the Chicagoland Record Collectors show at the Best Western in Hillside Illinois was a very pleasant surprise. To be honest, I expected something a lot smaller somehow, but there were a large number of dealers with a wide range of titles. Organizers for this show say classic rock gets a lot of attention here, but I was happy to discover a treasure trove of 80s indies and alternative (before that turned into a bad word) and a great deal of weirdness on vinyl.

My own personal scores were deliciously contradictory–I found a SEALED copy of the quite elusive Daniel Amos album Fearful Symmetry (they were the most unique and original thing about the 80s Christian New Wave movement that flourished briefly in the mid 80s) AND a copy of the Diamanda Galas album, Saint of the Pit. At the same stall–how cool is that? The GMUZIK vendor is where I found those–I liked his selections best of all. Since this record show is held every two months, you’ll have plenty of chances to visit GMUZIK–and I strongly suggest you do.

And how about the weirdness on vinyl? Well, where do I start? Feast your eyes on these babies:

This band is a class act…but the NEXT album would complete the circle. Once again I find the most wonderful dichotomies in the record bins. From panties to Jesus on the SAME TABLE.

The Chicagoland Record Collectors show has early bird hours–an insane 6:30 AM–but as it happens, there’s a damn good reason for that. Once the normal hours begin at 9AM the place is mobbed. I got all my finds by showing up for the early bird, and fortunately the Best Western Hotel (4400 Frontage Road in Hillside Illinois) where this show is held has a breakfast buffet. Good thing! Don’t take your chances with the maddening crowds after 9–show up early and get your crate digging on.

I highly recommend this show and cannot wait for the next one.

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