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The Crossfader Show Salutes Military DJs

by Joe Wallace

I served for nearly 14 years in the Air Force as a broadcaster, which means I spent quite a lot of time as a DJ on the American Forces Network in places like Korea, Iceland, and Japan, spinning both vinyl and digital tracks.

A lot of people scratch their heads at the idea of a DJ in uniform, but our real purpose there was as much about creating community and familiarity–and being there during natural disasters and other major events–as it was anything else connected to being on the radio or television.

So naturally I’ve got a soft spot for military broadcasters in general and DJs in particular. Imagine my surprise when researching some of my old stomping grounds upon discovering The Crossfader Show, which offers this tribute to military DJs and turntablists. Made me feel good to see others spreading some love for people spinning in uniform. Check this video–which is a recording of the Crossfader Show’s live bi-weekly feed. Thanks, guys! Awesome stuff.

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