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Now In Stock: Hannibal Season One OST, Torso Original Soundtrack Vinyl, Popol Vuh Nosferatu Soundtrack Vinyl

Vinyl Record Hannibal Season One SoundtrackWe have ONE copy of the Hannibal Season One soundtrack with all its delicious Morricone-influenced dissonance and haunting cues. Turntabling has also gotten a few other delicious goodies including the limited edition vinyl soundtrack for Sergio Martino’s Torso, and the Popol Vuh Nosferatu soundtrack reissue, which is nothing short of amazing.

These are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so grab them while they are still available! As these are all limited editions, they are getting more rare by the minute!

Sergio Martino Torso soundtrack vinyl

Popol Vuh Nosferatu soundtrack vinyl

There is a LOT of new vinyl in the Turntabling shop, limited and rare…plus some oldies but goodies. Grab ’em while they are still available!

New Vinyl For Sale: Creepshow, Ms. 45, more…

Creepshow Blue Vinyl For Sale TurntablingThere is new vinyl for sale in the Turntabling shop at Discogs.com. New titles include the amazing re-issue of the Creepshow soundtrack by Waxwork Records, the Death Waltz clear vinyl edition of Ms. 45, and the Bruno Nicolai soundtrack to the Jess Franco opus, Marquis de Sade on Finders Keepers.

All top-notch releases, and when you purchase one of these LPs you are helping support the arts. All profits from the sale of records in the Turntabling Discogs shop go to support my art space and indie publishing HQ, StudioLab. Thank you for your support of the arts and your love of all things vinyl!

–Joe Wallace

Bruno Nicolai soundtrack Marquis De Sade

Turntabling Vinyl For Sale

House By The Cemetery Fulci red vinyl for saleYes, Turntabling is back and we’re getting started listing inventory–tons of rare, weird, and wonderful vinyl records and compact discs. We’re getting a slow start, but with these four titles we officially return to the vinyl marketplace–scouring the earth for the most interesting, bizarre and hard-to-find LPs on the planet including this awesome House By The Cemetery LP on Death Waltz.

We’ve also got a copy of Mondo Candido by Riz Ortolani for sale on vinyl (yes, it’s the Dagored edition), still sealed in all its glory.

Riz Ortolani Mondo Candido Dagored LPAlso now available, Volume Four of the Spaghetti Western compilation, The Ecstasy Of Gold, still sealed, plus the uber-sexy Mood Mosaic compilation Book A Trip vinyl record, also still sealed.

Book A Trip The Mood Mosaic vinyl LP sexy LP coverYes, Turntabling is DEFINITELY back. Look for more updates coming–there is a LOT of new stock to come including the Creepshow soundtrack LP, Last House on the Left soundtrack vinyl, more more and more…

Joe Wallace

Manhunter Soundtrack Vinyl LP

Brian Cox discusses his work as Hannibal Lecter in the film Manhunter. He also reveals why he’s not envious of success of Anthony Hopkins has enjoyed with the character.  This is an interesting interview with a fine actor, who explains why he has no regrets about his work in a fine adaptation.

Manhunter was a 1986 adaptation of the book Red Dragon, directed by Michael Mann. ‘Dr. Lecktor’  has a small, yet pivotal role in the film’s complete story. The action’s main focus is the FBI pursuit of  the serial killer called ‘The Tooth Fairy’. The audience gets to visit the killer and view him as a multifaceted individual with a motivation to stop his rampage.

Manhunter is an excellent, pop inspired 1980s soundtrack. Fans of the television show Miami Vice know that Michael Mann weaves action angles and music like no one else.  His choices of songs and incidental melodies inject color into a story, even when the subject matter is dark and violent. There’s a lot of energy to this soundtrack to accompany steady rise of suspense, unease, and body count.


The band Shriekback, a favorite of Turntabling, appears three times on this album. They add a sinister and sensual groove to the film. Here is Evaporation (after a :15 commercial)

Finally, what is an American ’80s soundtrack without at least one hark back to the ’60s? When I find one, I’ll tell you.  Until then, Manhunter has a cut of Iron Butterfly’s In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida that is shorter than the original (8:19), but long enough to cover an intense series of events in the film. This version is a great choice for the dance floor (you know, bring out lots of different people).

Turtabling has a copy of the vinyl LP of the Manhunter soundtrack for sale, first come, first served.

Manhunter Soundtrack vinyl LP For Sale