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Hyperbubble Drastic Cinematic Vinyl LP

Drastic Cinematic is an ultra-indie vinyl LP from the label Pure Pop For Now People and will be quite rare and extremely hard to find soon–it’s a limited edition of 100 copies with a fabulous hand-designed/hand assembled cover.

The album itself? Utterly fantastic, especially if you’re a fan of soundtrack sounds by Tangerine Dream.

Hyperbubble is better known for bright, up-tempo robot pop with plenty of genre influences from bubblegum to electronica, but Drastic Cinematic is a departure from that–the soundtrack-y vibe is all through this vinyl record and Hyperbubble lays it on THICK with fat, heavy analog synth rhythms and pulsing beats that call to mind some of the most exciting electronic soundtracks of the 70s and early 80s.

Standout moments on this album include the great-for-driving Night Cruiser, and Blame It On The Bot. And don’t overlook the opening track Vox Noir which has an excellent “Beach Boys gone goth” sound.

If you were a fan of the soundtrack for The Park Is Mine or Thief, you owe it to yourself to own this. Sure, Drastic Cinematic by Hyperbubble is available via MP3 in the usual places, but the vinyl version of this is, in my mind, definitive. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, though I must say for transparency’s sake that the band used some of my photography for the album cover–maybe I’m not so impartial? Either way, if you are a fan of synth soundtrack music, have a listen and you will not regret it.

–Joe Wallace

Wah Wah Records Reissues Italian Analog Synth Classic

BoingBoing.net reports on a reissue of the classic synth record Electronic Mind Waves by Elektriktus, courtesy of the Barcelona label Wah Wah Records. This is one Italian synth LP worth whatever expense you must endure to hear…and it’s out again on vinyl, glorious vinyl.

The record is described by Wah Wah as, “8 synth fueled songs that sound very close to what kraut/cosmische heads were doing at the time, think of Conrad Schnitzler, Deuter or Cosmic Jokers, and also other European experimentalists like Richard Pinhas’ Heldon, Spacecraft, Didier Bocquet, Seesselberg, F.G. Experimental Laboratory, Roberto Cacciapaglia or Hydrus. Along with Cacciapaglia and Hydrus, Elektriktus shows the most adventurous experimental sounds under a kraut/cosmische music influence to ever come out of Italy”.

The BoingBoing article links to a sample of the Mind Waves track, but we’re including a different one here, the “First Wave” cut for variety’s sake. By all means, listen to them both–chances are good you’ll be hooked for life. This reissue is, according to the information at Wah Wah Records at press time, limited to 500 copies and is sure to be gone fast…

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Vinyl Road Rage Day One

by Joe Wallace

Vinyl Road Rage Four is well underway–the cross country indie record store vinyl blogging trip started in Chicago and I’m now camped in a Super 8 Motel just about 40 minutes from Nashville Tennessee.

The first stop was Bloomington, Indiana for another look at TD’s CDs and LPs, plus the always wonderful Landlocked Music. Both shops are definitely worth your time if you’re anywhere near Bloomington Indiana. I’ll post more details on the first day tomorrow–it’s been a very long day, but for now, feast your eyes on my grubby little v-blog on the day’s vinyl finds. (See the Youtube clip below).

As always, I’ll be blogging about the highlights of the day and saving the in-depth record store reviews for a bit later on when I’ve had time to catch my breath. Suffice it to say that today was a long, wonderful and wonderfully weird journey. Stay tuned for the details on that…here’s the vid clip.

On these videos, bear with me, it’s a work in progress and the flaws are PAINFULLY obvious.


Turntabling at Cinema Wasteland 2011 in Strongsville Ohio

Starting Wednesday, September 28 2011, Turntabling hits the road, bound for the mighty Cinema Wasteland horror convention in Strongsville Ohio.

The show doesn’t start until Friday, September 30th, but there is vinyl buying to be done, some sights in and around Cleveland to be taken in, and on Friday morning the Turntabling Collection needs to be unpacked and made ready for sale at the show.

There will be plenty of updates from Cinema Wasteland on Facebook. My personal FB page also doubles as the Turntabling page, friend me there and let’s get connected!

The image to the left here is more what more than 600 vinyl records looks like packed and ready for the road trip. That’s a whopping EIGHT CRATES of vinyl records. And there are also several crates full of rare and hard to find CDs, too.

If you’ve never attended Cinema Wasteland before, this is your best chance to date of seeing The Turntabling Collection in all its glory. Coil, Legendary Pink Dots, Skinny Puppy, rare Dr. Who vinyl, The Cure, Burroughs on vinyl, Lydia Lunch, J.G. Thirlwell, Sleep Chamber, too many other awesome groups to name all for sale on glorious vinyl records at the Turntabling table. And yes, there is plenty of Italian soundtrack music and related sounds, too.

That aside, Cinema Wasteland is one HELL of a show and this year there are too many amazing guests to name–do you want to meet the director of Basket Case, Frank Henenlotter? Dawn of the Dead’s David Emge? The awesome William Forsythe? Gunnar “Leatherface” Hansen? All scheduled to appear. There are plenty of screenings and other groovy good times there too…

The Turntabling Collection is not available for sale online during Cinema Wasteland as the ENTIRE STOCK is headed there for the show. The collection will be reposted for sale once Wasteland is over and the inventory has been updated.

As always, THANK YOU for your continued support of Turntabling. Every record or CD you purchase goes toward keeping the site alive and kicking, and it is definitely doing all that and more…thanks to you.

–Joe Wallace

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