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Want to Release an Album on Vinyl?


If you’re an indie musician looking to release that first-ever title on vinyl, there’s a whole new world of learning you’ll need to explore before you can get your masterpiece on that lovely spinning platter.

Turntabling Records has been plotting its own vinyl album–my previous releases were all on CD–and I can tell you there is much to take in. How do you get an album mastered for vinyl as opposed to compact disc? What are the audio tolerances? How long should each side be for good, middle of the road audio fidelity?

If you’re a newcomer to this (like me) you should definitely have a look at this primer on vinyl record manufacturing. If you don’t know what plating is, or how much lead time to give your record at the pressing plant, consider this a Vinyl 101 lesson that can help you start your journey.

Oh, and once you get your album pressed, be sure to get in touch with me here at Turntabling–I’d love to hear it.

–Joe Wallace
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