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Trailer For What Have You Done To Solange?

Giallo soundtracks What Have You Done To SolangeWe recently added the soundtrack vinyl for What Have You Done To Solange? to the Turntabling inventory, and if that fact alone doesn’t make you want to take a look, this trailer for the film might just do the trick:

Cosa avete fatto a Solange? is a classic of the era, and with a far more gritty plot than some of its peers. If you’re intrigued now, have a look at the vinyl record in the Turntabling shop.

Evil DIY Types Mutilate Vinyl Records In Ill Advised Ways

Every once in a great while I run across a YouTube horror show like this. It staggers the imagination–the toxic fumes generated by putting a vinyl record onto the fires of a gas stove alone would make this seem like a bad idea…to perpetrate these atrocities on vinyl records after, as the YouTube poster himself claims, drinking for 12 hours straight seems like a cry for help of the most desperate kind. Fear the reaper.

Selling Vinyl Records at CD Baby

vinylalbumDid you know you can sell vinyl records with your CD Baby musician account? I inquired about this many months ago and their policies have, I’m sure, been modified or had some extra details added since then, but the basic rules are thus:

1. You need at least five copies of the record to send to CD Baby for them to sell.

2. Send a CD version of the album so digital clips of the record can be made available to curious soon-to-be vinyl buyers.

3. Send artwork with the following specs to art@cdbaby.com–1000 x 1000 pixel tiff, 300dpi, and no compression.

4. The shipping costs are obviously more for vinyl than with CDs, so make sure you find out what CD Baby’s slice of the pie is–it’s going to be a bit more than the standard $4 per CD.

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