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Pittsburgh Record Fest XI

Pittsburgh Record Fest 11This sounds pretty damn cool. The fest costs nothing to vend at except the three dollar admission charge and it’s in a bar, which makes it even more fun-sounding. Pittsburgh Record Fest 11 should be a HELL of a good time and if I could get away to go to this thing I would make the eight hour drive from Chicago to be there…sadly it’s a matter of logistics and I don’t think I can squeeze it in.

But if you are in the area, this looks like a worthy event for any vinyl junkie. It’s this Saturday, May 24 starting at 7PM instead of the early Sunday mornings I am used to, which makes me want to go all the more…

–Joe Wallace

MTV Predicts The Death of Vinyl Records In The Late 1980s

Funny, clueless, and basically just filler for MTV News masquerading as some kind of observation of the format wars, this MTV News report is probably as entertaining for those 80s hairdos as it is in the delightfully look-at-how-WRONG-they-were-ness of it all.

Oh, yes. MTV you had a crystal ball, alright. It was covered in whipped cream and never worked quite right, but you had one. >AHEM<

Chicagoland Record Collectors Show Sunday May 18 2014

Back CameraIt’s that time again–the Chicagoland Record Collectors Show is this Sunday, May 18, 2014 at the Best Western Hotel in Hillside, Illinois. (The address is 4400 Frontage Road Hillside, IL 60162).

I’ve attended this show for many years and have always found giant armloads of vinyl to bring home. I manage to spend at least $200 at every show, minimum so be prepared to NOT eat lunch after you’ve gone because all your available cash will have gone to what’s lurking in the record crate you should bring with you to this show–you’ll need it.

I myself prefer to pay the “early bird fine” (my words, not theirs) and get in early before everything is all picked over by the sweaty masses. It’s true–there are advantages to showing up early.

If you live in Chicagoland or are visiting from out of town, I recommend this show–do NOT miss it, vinyl junkies.

–Joe Wallace

What’s Happening At Turntabling

Toledo Ohio Record StoresThere have been some interesting developments and changes at Turntabling, which have resulted in the record and CD sales portion of this site becoming a fundraiser for my art space, StudioLab.

That means that any time you purchase a record or CD from Turntabling via our Discogs.com store, you are directly supporting the arts.

Our pricing won’t change, but do know that the entire inventory is being sold as a fundraiser for the art space so I and my art partners can continue to make dark, unusual, and yes, vinyl-related art there are share it with you here and at the StudioLab official site.

Thanks as always for your continued support and look for many more updates to the Turntabling inventory over the coming days.

–Joe Wallace

Dance Of The Vampires Soundtrack Vinyl LP

Dance of the Vampires Vinyl Record soundtrack horrorJust added at Turntabling! The Series Aphonos reissue of the soundtrack of The Fearless Vampire Killers, also known as Dance Of The Vampires. We’ve got this vinyl LP soundtrack to the classic horror comedy directed by Roman Polanski available on a first-come, first served basis. When it’s gone, it’s gone!

This soundtrack has plenty of admirers–take a look at the trailer below to see if you’re one of them (if you don’t know already)…this was definitely a product of its time, but a very enjoyable screwball vampire movie best watched on a double bill with Captain Kronos, Vampire Hunter.

WTF Vinyl Records: Erotica–The Rhythms Of Love (NSFW???)

Erotica The Rhythms of Love viny WTF records

Erotica the rhytms of love vinyl WTF
This allegedly erotic vinyl record features a mad bongo-playing nut case, a bit of heavy breathing, and what sounds like two people having a running-in-place contest on the creakiest bed in the universe.

“Erotica, The Rhythms Of Love” is a WTF record more or less infamous for its goofy journey “featuring the sounds and rhythm of love”. More like the sounds and rhythm of hippies riding in the Kentucky Derby, if you ask me. No matter–this album is worth having for the shrieking bongo player alone. How anybody was supposed to get their rocks off while that guy was hollering is a total mystery.

And somebody was amused enough to post a large chunk of this on Youtube, for which we are very grateful. I think. NSFW in as much as there is some lady breathing and rampant bedspring abuse.

Selling Vinyl Records in 2014

Prey original soundtrack LP vinylTurntabling is definitely selling vinyl records and CDs in 2014. We took a break from hitting the road to sell at horror and sci-fi conventions like Flashback Weekend, Cinema Wasteland and others due to scheduling issues (your humble Turntabling.net crew works in film sound when we’re not selling records) but those commitments have been fulfilled and we’ll be back on the road in 2014–and that includes Vinyl Road Rage.

For those not familiar with THAT fun endeavor, Vinyl Road Rage is a cross-country journey to find the best and most interesting records and record stores in the USA. This year we plan on hitting the road again for another extended trip. Could 2014 finally be the year we drive from coast to coast? It could happen.

In the meantime, do have a look at the long list of titles we have for sale at Discogs.com, everything from rare Italian soundtracks to underappreciated goth, industrial, new wave and experimental titles. There’s a lot of unusual stuff in what we call The Turntabling Collection, hundreds of hand-picked records from all over the globe.

Interested in buying rare Ennio Morricone soundtracks? Old weird electronic music? Limited edition soundtrack CDs from giallo and spaghetti western genres? We have it all in The Turntabling Collection for sale at Discogs.com.

When you purchase these records, you’re helping keep Turntabling.net alive and you provide valuable financial support for our Vinyl Road Rage excursions. This site would NOT exist without your support. THANK YOU!!!

–Joe Wallace

Terror Original Soundtrack vinyl LP for sale turntabling

Horror Soundtrack Vinyl: Goblin Reissues, Twins of Evil, and More

Turntabling has scored some DELICIOUS soundtrack vinyl as of late. We’ve also scored quite a lot of LPs and 12-inch singles in the goth/industrial genres. These titles are all coming up for sale quite soon, but as they’ve only just arrived we thought it would be fun to tantalize you with these images:

House By The Cemetery, directed by Fulci, with an outstanding soundtrack by Walter Rizzati. The Death Waltz version of this includes blood red vinyl and a poster…this is quite a find!

Death Waltz strikes again with the never-before-on-vinyl (according to the LP notes) soundtrack for Twins of Evil! Peter Cushing was so awesome in this movie…it deserves a new viewing now that the vinyl is out.

Let’s set the record straight on the Patrick soundtrack. There are TWO VERSIONS of this–one is the ORIGINAL soundtrack by Brian May (who was the same person responsible for a lot of other film soundtracks including Mad Max) and the other (the one pictured here) is the EXPORT version of the soundtrack with music by GOBLIN. I’ve seen both versions of the film and it feels quite different with the Goblin music as opposed to Brian May. I prefer the Goblin, myself.

I’ll have all of these and more up for sale quite soon in the Turntabling shop on Discogs. Every time you purchase from Turntabling, you’re supporting the site, so I thank you for your continued support to keep Turntabling running.

And while you’re pondering that, have a look at these trailers for House By The Cemetery, Twins of Evil, and Patrick.

–Joe Wallace




Turntabling Vinyl For Sale on Etsy

Yes, it’s true–the Turntabling shop on Etsy is open once again, crammed full of rare, hard-to-find, unusual and just plain amazing vinyl records. Recent finds include Sisters of Mercy, the Skinny Puppy side project HILT, Robyn Hitchcock (on white vinyl!), and soundtrack LPs including George Romero’s Day Of The Dead, The Devil In Miss Jones, and the Willow soundtrack by James Horner.

All those are waiting for you–see a good selection of vinyl for sale below, but as always these are first-come, first served!