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I’ve been searching high and low for vinyl blogs to review here, but I’ve been coming up dry so I thought I’d pass along a few blogs that do cater to vinyl lovers but not exclusively so.

There is a LOT of vinyl on the always-fun Manchester Morgue, but my all time favorite find there has got to be the post on the German disco act Hot Blood, with an album called Disco Dracula. Now there is a movie crying to be made.

Xtabay’s World hadn’t been updated in a while but the most recent post makes up for that, at least for fans of the music on Dig It! The Sounds of Phase 4 Stereo.

The Midnight Monster Show is all about retro horror and related topics…I’m a fan, what can I say? No vinyl here but a fun read, regardless.

Funkabolic prices are far too insane for me to contemplate but I do enjoy windowshopping there. I’m not criticizing, just saying…50 euros for a vinyl record is a tough call when you’re USA based and looking at shipping on top of that…

I’ve only just this moment discovered two blogs; the first is DiscoWorkout and it promises much…it looks retro and futuristic at the same time and the magic word–disco–is right there in the name. How can you go wrong? I am hoping there is much disco cheeze to explore here.

Blog discovery two is called 20 Jazz Funk Greats and is also unique in the design department with an intentionally clunky, retro-future feel and the writing in many places feels like a nice departure from typical blog post style and tone…20 JFG is something I plan on spending more time on in the future.

–Joe Wallace

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Turntabling At Horror Society Film Festival October 23 & 24

Join me at the Portage Theater, 4050 N. Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago for a jammin’ two-day film festival sponsored by the Chicago Horror Society this Saturday and Sunday October 23 and 24 2010.

Turntabling will have a table chock full of rare vinyl finds including the now totally out of print Tenebre soundtrack LP, plus plenty of other Goblin on LP and CD, plus Morricone, Public Image Limited, and hundreds more vinyl and CD titles.

Sunday at 2PM, Turntabling house band/multimedia art terrorism project Paisley Babylon performs a set to kick off the second day of the festival, complete with a lovely little video mashup called Satan’s Greatest Hits which may even be available for sale at the Turntabling table after the performance.

The two-day festival is THE Horror Society event of the year, you do NOT want to miss this one as it is packed full of great movies from here and abroad. Mitch, Jessica and company have really pulled out all the stops this time and you will NOT walk away from this show disappointed.

Otto Up With Dead People Soundtrack Vinyl Album

otto up with dead people vinyl album

This is by far one of the coolest things for sale here at Turntabling. Otto, or Up With Dead People, is a zombie movie with a few MAJOR twists. The best one is that part of the film is told from the zombie’s point of view. The soundtrack to this zombie movie by Bruce la Bruce is full of amazing electronic and experimental sounds evened out by great tracks by The Homophones and the Living Dead Boys. Appearing on the soundtrack–Pandas of Black Metal, La Jovenc, No Bra, Misty Roses, Eyes and Teeth and many more.

–Minor spoiler alert here–

Otto or Up With Dead People is not an easy zombie movie to watch for some who might feel a bit uncomfortable with the more explicit scenes (the sex/cannibalism element is really well done) but it’s an EXCELLENT film. It’s a frequent player in the Turntabling DVD machine and we highly recommend it. The soundtrack is so cool we’re shocked that it’s even available on vinyl these days–thought all these would be have been snapped up ages ago.

The Otto or Up With Dead People soundtrack LP is a new, sealed double vinyl import album. Buy it now from Turntabling for $23 plus postage. Overseas orders are welcome, but postage is extra.

The Blind Dead Collection DVD Coffin Boxed Set

The Blind Dead Collection Coffin Box SetThe Blind Dead series is a classic among euro horror loving movie fiends. The Blind Dead Collection is an amazing five DVD set includes all four movies: Tombs of the Blind Dead, Return of the Evil Dead, Ghost Galleon, and Night of the Seagulls. Thrill to the sight of the undead Satan-worshipping Templar zombies rising from their graves to mutilate tender flesh…this boxed set is a hell of a lot of fun. Need convincing? Check out the trailer at the end of this post…you’ll be a convert soon enough. Or zombie food.

The fifth disc contains a documentary on the Blind Dead creator and director Amando de Ossorio, who did quite a lot with his career in horror. Naturally his best-loved creations are the ones shambling around in this great box set.

The blind dead series starts with a bang and never lets up, even at its cheesiets in Return of the Evil Dead. Some prefer the first film and the final two, but round HERE all four are considered classic zombie movies and definitely worth watching (We recommend Return of the Evil Dead after a six-pack.) The documentary disc really rounds out the collection and the coffin box¬† is an especially nice touch. It looks great on the mantle, doesn’t it?

This is an experiment of sorts at Turntabling. We’re offering a limited number of these coffin case DVD boxed sets for sale to see whether we should be offering DVDs alongside our soundtracks…if the response justifies us getting more, we’ll definitely add some additional titles relevant to the stuff we already carry on Turntabling.

The Blind Dead Collection is a brand new, sealed five-DVD box set. Buy it now from Turntabling for $65 plus shipping. Overseas orders are welcome but please not that this collection is comprised of NTSC DVDs intended for American DVD players and may not be compatible with overseas DVD playback devices. Purchase at your own risk.