Announcing WTF Records: The Turntabling Guide To Weird and Wonderful Vinyl

by Joe Wallace

I’m very happy to announce my work on a new book called WTF Records: The Turntabling Guide To Weird And Wonderful Vinyl.

The book features a collection of reviews and discussion of the most bizarre, unusual, highly collectible, and just plain awesome vinyl records in my collection.

But that’s not all–the book also features interviews and commentary by musicians, record store owners, vinyl collectors and others about their strangest, most jaw-droppingly weird vinyl finds.

And that’s where you come in. I’m putting out an open call for interviews for this book, Simply answer the questions below, include a one-paragraph bio including links to any website, online record store, Facebook page or any project you care to promote, and send it to the following e-mail address:

jwallace (at) turntabling (dot) net

Simply answer the questions here, include your bio and send–it’s as easy as that. Your story could end up being published in the book alongside plenty of other luminaries, vinyl junkies, lovers of the strange and bizarre, etc. Thank you very much for your support and participation. As of now the book is halfway done and there is still room for plenty of these interviews.

WTF Records Interview

1. What is the strangest, most bizarre, awful or out-of-left-field album you know of? Describe it for those of us who have never heard of the performer(s), who don’t know the back story, or might not have a frame of reference for the record.

2. How did you find the album–and what was your reaction when you first discovered it?

3. Did you buy it? Do you inflict it on unsuspecting friends or guests? Tell us a funny story about someone else’s reaction (or your own) when you played it (or similar WTF find).

4. WTF records have a strange appeal to some–are you attracted to albums like these or do you want to be rid of them instead? Why?

5. Do you collect weirdness on vinyl? What are some of your favorite finds and what are your favorite sources for them? (Plugs for your favorite record shops by name are definitely welcome.)

Please feel free to include a brief bio promoting any projects you’d like to mention in the book as part of the bio blurb at the end of the interview.


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