Chicagoland Record Collectors Show Hillside, Illinois

My first-ever visit to the Chicagoland Record Collectors show at the Best Western in Hillside Illinois was a very pleasant surprise. To be honest, I expected something a lot smaller somehow, but there were a large number of dealers with a wide range of titles. Organizers for this show say classic rock gets a lot of attention here, but I was happy to discover a treasure trove of 80s indies and alternative (before that turned into a bad word) and a great deal of weirdness on vinyl.

My own personal scores were deliciously contradictory–I found a SEALED copy of the quite elusive Daniel Amos album Fearful Symmetry (they were the most unique and original thing about the 80s Christian New Wave movement that flourished briefly in the mid 80s) AND a copy of the Diamanda Galas album, Saint of the Pit. At the same stall–how cool is that? The GMUZIK vendor is where I found those–I liked his selections best of all. Since this record show is held every two months, you’ll have plenty of chances to visit GMUZIK–and I strongly suggest you do.

And how about the weirdness on vinyl? Well, where do I start? Feast your eyes on these babies:

This band is a class act…but the NEXT album would complete the circle. Once again I find the most wonderful dichotomies in the record bins. From panties to Jesus on the SAME TABLE.

The Chicagoland Record Collectors show has early bird hours–an insane 6:30 AM–but as it happens, there’s a damn good reason for that. Once the normal hours begin at 9AM the place is mobbed. I got all my finds by showing up for the early bird, and fortunately the Best Western Hotel (4400 Frontage Road in Hillside Illinois) where this show is held has a breakfast buffet. Good thing! Don’t take your chances with the maddening crowds after 9–show up early and get your crate digging on.

I highly recommend this show and cannot wait for the next one.

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4 thoughts on “Chicagoland Record Collectors Show Hillside, Illinois

  1. Joe, thanks for the report on the Chicago show! Been wondering about that one. Gonna have to come down for that and hit it early, as you suggest. We’ve had slim pickings in Wisconsin lately.

  2. Yeah, I ALMOST spent the night at the hotel the show was in….I got there at 7PM as it was and about 1/3 of the dealers weren’t set up yet but the pickings were AMAZING…the ones that did get set up finally had good stuff, too…but I was spent out by then 🙂 All the dealers I talked to say when the floodgates open at 9AM the place is absolutely mobbed.

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