Ennio Morricone Soundtracks: Lounge, Dissonance, and Grooves

Ennio Morricone’s soundtracks, particularly a certain selection of them from the 1960s and 1970s, are full of wonderful sonic contradictions like the ones you will hear in the clip above (watch while it lasts, you know YouTube loves to pull things down unceremoniously) from the 1971 film, Gli Scassinatori.

The movie, directed by Henri Verneuil and starring Dyan Cannon and Jean-Paul Belmondo, is familiar stomping grounds for Morricone, who was frequently called upon to deliver a combination of sentimentality, dissonance, tension, and loungey romance moods in films from the era. In the clip, listen for the fuzzed out guitars that lend some nice frission to the mix.

Morricone’s lounge moods frequently take a turn for the surreal at times; check out this excerpt from Metti, Una Sera A Cena…the cut you see below is vastly different (and rather experimental) than the more contemporary (for the era) sounds of the title track:

Morricone has a vast catalog of soundtrack work and there are several periods of his work considered essential listening…these sounds are only a tiny portion of what awaits you if you’re just now discovering Morricone’s musical universe.

Goblin Nonhosonno OST Vinyl LP

Goblin OST NonHoSonno

Dario Argento was said to be in comeback mode with his 2001 slasher film Non Ho Sonno, known in America as Sleepless. It got mixed reviews and while the film has an ambitious look and benefits from the late, great Max Von Sydow, many will be attracted to Non Ho Sonno on the basis of the soundtrack; Argento and Goblin go back a long way and the familiar combination of prog guitar (plus some metal influences) and synth riffs is definitely back.

It’s important to note that the film itself may fall flat for American viewers since Sleepless was trimmed for violence before being released to American audiences–pacing and other key aspects of filmaking usually suffer at the hands of the censors and it’s likely that this movie is no exception. If you haven’t seen the film, seek out the European cut of the film if at all possible. We aren’t aware of subsequent American releases that may be censorship-free, but that does NOT mean they do not exist.

Turntabling is pleased to restock this important title for Goblin completists; you can buy the NONHOSONNO soundtrack album by Goblin from Turntabling while supplies last.


Our First Vinyl For Sale In Some Time! Heathen Earth by Throbbing Gristle

Throbbing Gristle Heathen Earth

Our first record listed for sale as part of the Turntabling return to all things vinyl record-related is none other than the legendary Heathen Earth double LP reissued in 2011.

With the passing of Genesis P. Orridge, Throbbing Gristle’s surviving members are Chris Carter and Cosey Tutti. Chris Carter remastered the LP, which was limited to 2000 for its first reissue run.

Heathen Earth was recorded live, but the remastering by Carter is likely the final say in terms of audio quality; Pitchfork.com contributor Drew Daniel describes Carter’s remastering work in general as a “bullseye”. Drew Daniel has enough time in the saddle, so to speak, to give some good context for what you’ll hear on this album.

“I’ve been listening to these records for 25 years, and for me, this feels like the cleaning of the Sistine Chapel, if the Sistine Chapel were painted by Hieronymous Bosch instead of Michelangelo.”

Daniel adds, “Simply put, the heat and noise and grit and dirt and gristle is still there, but Chris Carter has finally put meat on the bones.”

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