Turntabling.net began in 2008. It has been active off and on quite a bit since that time; as of now, in 2017 the site is active full-time once more, posting about all things related to vinyl records, collecting records, buying/selling/trading and generally obsessing.

Who Runs Turntabling?

My name is Joe Wallace and I run Turntabling.net, and have since the beginning. Along the way I’ve had quite a bit of help, but editorially and vinyl-wise the work is all me. I’ve been living what I call “the vinyl lifestyle” for a very long time. That basically involves living, breathing, eating, and sleeping vinyl records and related things.

I have had an unusual life journey that’s taken me all over the world. I’ve bought records in Japan, Iceland, Scotland, and many other far-flung places. My career started as a reporter in the United States Air Force, it led me to Chicago in the end, where I remain to this day working on this site right here. I also earn a fair bit of money writing for other people’s websites, which is how I was initially able to afford to start doing THIS.

What Kind Of Vinyl Is Turntabling Interested In?

I personally am obsessed with certain types of film soundtracks-the more odd and unusual, the better. Morricone’s 60s and 70s era output is a fine example of that, especially Cat o’Nine Tails, and most of his giallo and giallo-esque sounds. Goblin’s Suspiria soundtrack is another great and shining example. I also collect 80s/90s industrial music, freaky spoken-word and unclassifiable records, post-punk, any adult-themed records of any persuasion (as long as consenting adults are involved), French new wave and disco, Thai pop, Vietnamese pop and related genres, too many things to name, really. But you get the idea.

Lately I have also been collecting more records by all-woman bands and/or anything that’s even remotely “girl-power” sounding including (but also above and beyond) Riot Grrl titles It’s a movement in modern music that I personally feel is not given enough attention to as an artistic force to be reckoned with in a serious way, but these groups have an AMAZING wealth of things to say with attitude to match. I believe Wendy Carlos, the Runaways, Pussy Riot (regardless of what they actually ARE as a collective), and Chrissie Hynde (to name a very small few) occupy an important part of 20th/21st century music and more attention is due these expressions and artists.

Does Turntabling Buy Record Collections?

YES. Contact me via orders@turntabling.net to let me know if you have records to sell.

I am not interested in classic rock, country, much of hip-hop made after 1992, show tunes, or other genres that are, quite frankly, massively over-represented in record stores all over the world. I AM interested in rare, weird, unclassifiable records, in addition to goth, punk, post-punk, industrial, soundtracks, spoken word, vanity records, easy listening, unusual jazz and anything just plain WEIRD of ANY genre even the ones I say I am not interested in. If it is WEIRD or WRONG in some way, I want to know about it.

Thank you very much for your interest in Turntabling. I look forward to bringing you more of the wonderful universe of vinyl records.

–Joe Wallace

Joe Wallace writer freelancer vinyl collector