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The site and the vinyl shop will be on hiatus for the time being–the store and blog will return eventually but for now we’re on hold until further notice.

Thank you VERY much for your support and interest–we’ll be back!

Wax Rax For Vinyl Storage

Courtesy of DNAinfo/New  York

Courtesy of DNAinfo/New York

If you’r ever in New York (Brooklyn to be precise) and in the mood to display your albums in a way contrary to the famous brand that caused a panic recently, check out Wax Rax. These are gorgeous record carts made by avid collector and metal fabricator.  Pricey, true, but built to last, each is made to order.  And (so far the ones in the slide show ) these guys have wheels. Wheels are a nice thing to have when moving the precious collection about.  Take that,  Swedish cabinet fellows!

Jen Kilzer

Nine Inch Nails: The Downward Spiral

Yes we’re still digging that parody Trent Reznor song,  that came out a couple of weeks ago.  So biting, yet fun to dance to as well.

Turntabling  has a copy of The Downward Spiral 2008 re-issue 180 gram vinyl LP for sale at our Discogs store. —It is first come, first served. A great find for those who wore out the first one. Or for someone pleasantly reminded as to how insanely great Nine Inch Nails gets on this album.


Letter To Brezhnev Soundtrack Vinyl LP

Here’s an interesting clip that I found about making of the 80s film, Letter to Brezhnev.

This week is a good time to talk about Letter To Brezhnev, the film and the soundtrack for many reasons. First, the movie is partially a love story involving two people from different cultures. Spring is around the corner and Valentine’s day is less than a week away.

Elaine and Peter meet extra sexy and cute,staring across a crowded dance floor while Bronski Beat song, Hit That Perfect Beat, plays on the speakers. This song’s connection to the cross country/culture love story is evident in the video and the film’s trailer. The attraction of two lonely individuals has to be strong enough to keep the audience for the rest of the story. This song zaps the listener an extra naughty thunderbolt that’s unforgettable.

Due to current suggested Russian policies, playing Bronski Beat in Russia today may become grounds for imprisonment. In 1985, however, their music spun on turntables, worldwide. The song was the ‘perfect’ choice for the soundtrack.
The soundtrack album states that some songs did not appear in the film. Perhaps it was part of the financing for the film that is mentioned in the introduction clip, that some songs would pad the soundtrack. The bonus songs are commercials for other artists on the label.

I haven’t seen the movie in a long time, so except for Hit That Perfect Beat and The Letter to Brezhnev Theme (guessing here),  I don’t remember which songs were actually in the film. It is a great collection of songs from the mid ’80s with one song from the ’60s (Sadie Shaw’s version of Always Something There To Remind Me).

As the film evolves, Elaine battles for a chance to see her love again, for a chance to resume the most amazing relationship she’s ever known. Elaine has to argue and plead with government leaders and consider leaving her family and friends to be with Peter again.

Whether this song is in the film or not, I can’t remember. It sure is a nice one to have, though, Wild Party by A Certain Ratio.

Finally, another reason to think of this film lately is because, it comes from  and is about life in Liverpool. It’s another piece of art from the same great city that brought us The Beatles.

Turtabling has a sealed copy of Letter to Brezhnev vinyl LP for sale on Discogs–first come, first served.

Jen Kilzer

Letter to Brezhnev vinyl LP for sale

Marvin Gaye Passport on Antiques Roadshow

Courtesy of Antiques Roadshow
If you missed Antiques Roadshow this last Monday night, you missed a treasure found in a vinyl record. The title of the record that held Marvin Gaye’s 1964 passport for so long is still a mystery. Did the artist lose the passport or store it for safe keeping and later forgot about it? Perhaps, he gave it to the record’s owner as a keepsake. We may never know for sure.

This is an exciting example of what one might find while browsing the record stacks and estate sales. Perhaps there’s a picture, poster or letter that brings the past to life waiting for someone like you, a music lover. Vintage records sometimes have more than fantastic music.

Jen Kilzer

Courtesy Today.com

Courtesy Today.com


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