Grindhouse Trailers

Turntabling isn’t just about the vinyl, we’re also all about that gloriously retro drive-in movie culture that was part of the whole experience. Vinyl records, grindhouse movies, retro-future decor, and the sexual revolution…it all combined together to create something much more insane than the individual components. If you’re hooked on any aspect of this stuff–the vinyl, the movies, the look, the lifestyles–you’ll find it lurking within these mini-time capsules of retro goodness.

These trailers were the gateway drug for so much discovery on and off the turntable. We present them to you not just to promote the films, the music and the nostalgia, but also with the hopes you’ll share your own favorites with us.

Lucio Fulci’s The Beyond just plain rocks. It’s a masterpiece of low-rent surrealism and classic 80s Italian zombie movie creepiness. There’s plenty of atmosphere and when the zombies come out for a bite in the fog-shrouded climax, there’s more splattery goodness than you can shake a brainstem at. From the awesome sepia-toned open with its brutal chain-whipping torture of the local warlock/surrealist painter to the Lovecraftian overtones throughout, this is one of the best Italian horror offerings of the 1980s…or at the very least, one of the most fun to watch.

All The Colors Of The Dark is one of our favorites for one reason; it’s an Edwidge Fenech-in-peril movie. Like our other favorite, the Suzy Kendall-in-peril movies, there is plenty of nonsensical madness in this one—somebody’s stalking Edwidge Fenech and trying to kill her…or maybe they’re trying to drive her crazy…or maybe they just need an extra body for the black mass? The soundtrack to this one is awesome, too…trying to get our hands on some of these to sell here for your amusement.

Lucio Fulci goes off the deep end with a few of his favorite themes in Demonia. Supernatural avengers come back to torment those who dare violate a burial ground of some whacked out nuns who worshipped Satan. LOVE the question marks on the nun habits in this one–and when the demonic revenge starts happening, it’s a combination of WTF and “why didn’t this start sooner?” Fun stuff if you’re watching a double feature with one of Fulci’s more well-known movies.

This one is a collection of trailers across several genres-action, horror, you name it. Some true classics are tucked in here including Trouble Man, the totally awesome Blacula, and a trailer with one of the greatest taglines of movie history, Invasion of the Blood Farmers. “See what REALLY happens on a TERROR FARM.” Is that not the greatest?

Some trailers weren’t big drive-in grindhouse classics; instead the movies got their notoriety from video rentals. Here’s a great example of some of those. In some cases the video rental exploitation movies had even better presentation on these clunky old videotapes…great stuff.

Here’s another example of the infamous grindhouse trailers as translated to home video rental and sale video packages. This collection of classics on a tape from Paragon Video is sure to please any fan of the genre. Trailer collections are best when they cover a bewildering array of genres, aren’t they?

Another compilation of excellent exploitation trailers for movies including a VERY controversial title that few talk about today, plus Hell’s Chosen Few, the wretched The Last Hippies, and Wild Riders. From blaxploitation to hippie madness, this is one crazy collection…

Revel in this collection of awesome 70s horror trailers. Lady Frankenstein is the first of the bunch and you’ll be hooked from there on with Beyond The Darkness (no, not the one also known as Buio Omega) and Beyond The Door.

There’s also a look at The Night Child and a few other gems–great cornball music and overblown narration in this one. You definitely want to see this collection, especially for the Legend of the Wolfwoman trailer and Orgy of the Living Dead–effing priceless.

Any trailer comp that begins with Dawn of the Dead is sure to be kick-ass. This one also includes the hilarious Dracula Vs. Frankenstein plus another flick starring Russ Tamblyn, Satan’s Sadists. He’s a hoot in both Dracula Vs. Frankenstein and Satan’s Sadists, but we loved him best in Twin Peaks. There’s a nice combination of older trailers and 70s stuff here.

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Here’s a collection of older trailers from the golden age of drive-in theaters. It won’t make the gorehounds happy, but drive-in nostalgia buffs will love it….

Even more ridiculously fun drive-in nostalgia–this is one of the BEST kinds though–the intermission films trying to lure you to the snack bar with the most vile-looking hamburgers ever filmed plus “refreshing drinks” footage that looks like an acid flashback. The hotdogs look liks 70s porno props, the popcorn appears to be made of styrofoam, and the marching band/bad 40’s musical instrumental soundtrack is completely insufferable. In short, good times.

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