Turntabling Records had a long, strange 2010. FromĀ  a period of dormancy in the early part of the year, Chicago’s weirdest micro-label sprang to life in the summer and began tormenting people with new performances by Paisley Babylon.

Then in November, two new Turntabling projects hit iTunes, and elsewhere. Thelema USA debuted its’ very first release, Music For Ritual.

An album inspired by Aleister Crowley, Music For Ritual is aptly named, full of trippy and strange electronic astral delights.

In late December, Turntabling Records also debuted the first album by Chicago’s most bizarre electronic outfit yet, Electronic Penis Choppers.

The sounds presented by this group on the album Sex Music For H.P. Lovecraft defies belief–one part Throbbing Gristle, one part The Orb and one part Coil, but with an evil sense of humor that begs the Elder Gods to return, and how.

Sex Music for HP Lovecraft hit the Internet at the very last moment in late December 2010 and proves to be a contender for “most freakish new release of 2011”.

Before 2010’s flurry of last-minute activity, 2009 was far more productive. Three albums were released by Turntabling recordsĀ  in 2009 including one by Texas new wavers Goop.

Synthetic Reasons is now available for download from iTunes.

Another Texas group, the collective known as Post Mortem Telepathy also dropped its first official release on Turntabling Records. PMT released quite a lot of material informally between 1997 and 2001, but this is PMT’s first wide release. The album Nitrous Oxide From the Three-Point Line: The Adventures of Dr. K is a concept album with no vocals to advance the story. Founding PMT members aren’t talking, either. PMT is available via iTunes for download and preview. The album Nitrous Oxide From The Three-Point Line: The Adventures of Dr. K is available in its entirety.

Nitrous Oxide is one of the very rare PMT recordings with absolutely no copyright infringement whatsoever, it’s also the first to be released in any official capacity with no fear of lawsuits or death threats from the surviving members of Pink Floyd, The Doors, or Led Zeppelin.

You can also buy Paisley Babylon’s Midnight Hallucinations

Available on:paisley-babylon-midnight-hallucinations




Midnight Hallucinations is exactly what the name implies–a collection of sonic excursions into the scary underbrush of your subconscious. If Eno described his ambient works as being full of “evil and doubt”, by comparison Paisley Babylon’s Midnight Hallucinations are chemically-altered space voyages where dream logic rules and gravity is only a theoretical possibility.

Paisley Babylon started in 1996, releasing The Alpha Wave Variations in 1997. Most of the tracks for Midnight Hallucinations were recorded in Iceland in 2000, and never saw the light of day until later when founder Joe Wallace rediscovered the recordings in Chicago in 2004.

Wallace has recorded and performed with a variety of similarly freaked out Texas psych/experimental bands including Crevice and Post-Mortem Telepathy.

Take a trip with two free Paisley Babylon tracks from Midnight Hallucinations:

Paisley Babylon–Pavement and Broken Windscreen mp3

Paisley Babylon–Not a Hangover mp3

…or you can buy Paisley Babylon Midnight Hallucinations from iTunes

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