Edwige Fenech Trailers

This is the first in a series of pages spotlighting films and actors in the genre films we obsess over here at Turntabling. The soundtracks to these movies are amazing, but if you haven’t seen the films yet, these clips are definitely the gateway drug to a whole new world of obsession. The trailers of the 60s and 70s were an artform all their own…sometimes cheesy, sometimes horribly misrepresentative of the actual movies…they’re little works of art in their own right.

We begin our series with a set of trailers and clips featuring the incomparable Edwige Fenech, star of more Italian horror, giallo, and comedies than we can name here. If Edwige Fenech is in it, chances are good you’re going to enjoy the flick–at least for as long as she’s onscreen, anyway. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, much like seeing Ennio Morricone or Bruno Nicolai in the credits, if you see her name you will at least be able to enjoy it once.

Case of the Bloody Iris is a great place to begin when it comes to exploring the movies Edwige Fenech has starred in–it has everything, a great soundtrack, the traditional black-gloved killer, a free love cult, hilariously retro set design and clothes…you cannot go wrong with this one!

A scene featuring Edwige Fenech from Mario Bava’s Five Dolls For An August Moon. Great stuff, but NSF.

The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh is one of Edwige Fenech’s standout moments in the canon of Italian suspense/giallo films. You may recognize the music as Tarantino used a bit of it here and there in his more recent films.

OK, so Italian sex comedies bomb nearly as often as American ones…but it has you-know-who in it.

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