Post-Mortem Telepathy

Post-Mortem Telepathy began as a collective project in 1996 featuring members of Crevice, Hyperbubble, Mission Giant, Paisley Babylon and The Lysergic Dream. The band recorded a variety of improvisational electronic/psychedelic/ambient releases that are only now getting the light of day in general release.

There were many recording projects–including mash-ups before they were known as such. For those, members of Post-Mortem Telepathy chose a particular band–Pink Floyd, The Doors, New Order, Motorhead, etc. Each member of the collective was responsible for taking an entire album and creating a single song by sampling sounds from each track of the album…and nothing else.

By far the most fascinating result was with The Doors, but New Order and Pink Floyd also yielded similarly bizarre material. This work is extremely rare and was never given an official release for obvious copyright reasons.

Post-Mortem Telepathy recorded a full length album in 1997: Nitrous Oxide From The Three-Point Line: The Adventures Of Dr. K. This is a concept album with no vocals or liner notes to advance the concept. It’s a strange journey indeed, but well worth the listen. This PMT release is a collaboration between PMT members from Paisley Babylon and The Lysergic Dream.

There are several Post-Mortem Telepathy albums that are due to get their due as proper releases. All were recorded in Texas during the 90s, the heyday of the Texas Psychadelic/Experimental movement that featured Crevice, The Lysergic Dream, Paisley Babylon, Mission Giant and many others.

Post-Mortem Telepathy has appeared on a variety of compilations including the forthcoming Turntabling Records compilation Unusual Tracks.

Post-Mortem Telepathy is a studio project and rarely performed live. There were a few shows in San Antonio, Texas–at least one of which was documented on videotape and may get a general release in the near future.

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