Fabio Frizzi Tours America With The Beyond

Fabio Frizzi Tours America The Beyond Soundtrack

According to the maestro’s Facebook page, there are going to be several dates across America where you can experience Fabio Frizzi’s Composer’s Cut of The Beyond. The All Tomorrow’s Parties website has some excellent in-depth discussion of Frizzi, the tour and much more. It’s an exciting bit of news for any fan of Italian genre films and soundtracks. Turntabling definitely plans to be at the Chicago show…the tour is running stateside from September to October 2016.

And it’s true, we definitely have more than a couple of Frizzi titles for sale in the Turntabling Discogs shop. Are you into the sounds of Manhattan Baby? A Cat In The Brain? Zombi? We have all that and more!

Need a sneak preview of this show and how it is likely to sound? Fabio Frizzi was kind enough to post some rehearsal footage on his official YouTube site. Behold the spider scene below!



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