Ennio Morricone Quentin Tarantino Trilogy Soundtrack CD

Ennio-Morricone-Quentin-Tarantino-Trilogy soundtrack CD Kind of Blue Records

Now selling at Turntabling; The Ennio Morricone Quentin Tarantino trilogy. Thrill to the Morricone sounds heard in Kill Bill 2, Death Proof, and Inglorious Basterds. Some of the greatest work the maestro has ever done–and it’s a shame that he hasn’t been brought on board to do an original score for a Tarantino flick, but until that day (if it ever comes) this will do nicely, thank you.

This 12-track collection features the outstanding Mystic and Severe, plus Paranoia Prima and Algiers November 1954. I know plenty of Turntabling readers out there aren’t exactly Tarantino fanboys, but there’s no arguing with the maestro–Morricone is the bomb no matter what packaging his work comes in.

Ennio Morricone: Quentin Tarantino Movies is a brand new, sealed import from Switzerland. Get it now while supplies last for $16.00 plus shipping. Overseas shipping is $13.