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Marshall McLuhan The Medium Is The Message

This wild, groundbreaking LP by Marshall McLuhan and company has been reissued and is now available in a new, shrink-wrapped edition which is limited to 1000 copies. This excerpt is only part of the journey you definitely should take if you’re into sound manipulation, experimental spoken word LPs and media theory. Truly amazing. The original version is quite rare, and the new edition features a gatefold sleeve, extra artwork and more. Recommended–get it while you can!!!

Fuse Presents: Crate Diggers

I am far too busy to keep up with all the insanely cool vinyl-related video on YouTube, but when I DO catch up with something amazing like this, I obsessively watch them all until the supply has been run out…then I watch ’em all again.

My current obsession is this series by Fuse called Crate Diggers. My gateway to this series was the feature on Peanut Butter Wolf, who has a collection of more than 37,000 records. Something to aspire to! If you haven’t seen this by now, have a look…I always get to these things late, so I’m sure this is old news to many, but right now this discovery is like Xmas morning to ME!

–Joe Wallace

Turnaround: A Vinyl Documentary

I discovered this clip posted by Blake Hennequin on YouTube. Turnaround: A Vinyl Documentary seems to be a short vinyl-centric film rather than a feature-length documentary, but no matter–what grabbed my eye was the fantastic opening montage of a variety of vinyl records of all shapes and sizes spinning on a wide range of turntables. Gorgeous stuff. Sadly, it’s difficult to track down anything more about the film, but here’s the seven-minute long clip. Feast your eyes on those records!

Evil DIY Types Mutilate Vinyl Records In Ill Advised Ways

Every once in a great while I run across a YouTube horror show like this. It staggers the imagination–the toxic fumes generated by putting a vinyl record onto the fires of a gas stove alone would make this seem like a bad idea…to perpetrate these atrocities on vinyl records after, as the YouTube poster himself claims, drinking for 12 hours straight seems like a cry for help of the most desperate kind. Fear the reaper.

Vinyl Record Burners On Video

The Peters Brothers were 80s satanic panic scaremongers who organized record burnings, “truth about rock” high school gymnasium seminars and much more. Watch this hysterically funny, awful, and frightening video about the Peters Brothers’ horrid, misguided nonsense…and ask yourself, vinyl lovers, how much lovely vinyl was destroyed by these polyester-loving jeezo-mutants. And just as awful, how much air pollution did these cretins generate with their record burning bonfires?

One of the best things about this video is the apparent need to explain what the words “necrophilia” and “masochism” mean. Hysterical. Also, “Hear how Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones want to control your mind”. Nice.

Turntabling Films?

It’s true– is producing a short film called 45 RPM. It’s a murder mystery that features a vinyl record as a central part of the plot. More details are pending but the script has already been written, casting is due to start in a couple of weeks, locations have been scouted.

We’re still looking for a Chicago area record store to shoot our credit sequence and opening scenes in–the entire story is set up in the early shots in a record store and we would be very happy to find a shop willing to let us use their space long enough to get our shots without bothering early morning customers too terribly much. We did inquire about one or two Chicago area locations–one store wanted us to pay them $3000 to close the store for the duration of the shoot. Since this isn’t a large budget feature, but a short film produced by an indie crew Larry Cohen-style, we had to politely decline.

45 RPM is an Italian-influenced mystery/thriller that features a seven-inch single as the focal point of the mystery. It’s only fitting that Turntabling would sponsor/produce a movie about vinyl–even a non-fiction one. And we have Larry Cohen to thank for the initial inspiration to use a vinyl record as the jumping off point for the plot. Cohen was visiting Chicago several weeks ago, screening a new film he wrote called Messages Deleted. He mentioned that, thanks to that film, he had written a trilogy of phone-centered plots. (He also mentioned that three movies with phone themes is all we get!)

Naturally that got the wheels turning, one thing led to another, and….45 RPM was born.

If you know anyone who would be willing to let us use their record store, please get in touch with me by e-mail: jwallace (at) turntabling (dot) net.

More news about 45 RPM as it develops. I’ve started a production blog about the making of this film which you can read at

–Joe Wallace

Beyond The Black Rainbow Soundtrack

Beyond The Black Rainbow is being described as “Stanley Kubrick Meets David Lynch”, and the cinematic equivalent to LSD. Made in 2010, it’s only now hitting selected screens in the USA and it looks–and sounds–pretty amazingly strange. In other words, right up our street here at

One of the most interesting things about the film (trip-a-delic visuals aside), from what can be gleaned out of the official trailers, is the amazing soundtrack by Jeremy Schmidt. He did an interview way back in September, 2011 about his work on the soundtrack for Beyond The Black Rainbow and even, tantalizingly, hinted at a vinyl LP release of the soundtrack.

From the trailer, Schmidt’s work is deliciously analog and calls back to the trippiest of 80s/90s synth experimentation. It’s not emulating Cabaret Voltaire, Coil, Clint Mansell or YMO, but it does occupy a similar musical zip code. Sadly, this vinyl treasure proves elusive. For now. But we have high hopes that it will be released eventually based on the buzz over the film and its limited screenings.

Have you seen the trailer for this? It looks nothing at all like 2001, The Holy Mountain, THX 1138, Scanners, or Eraserhead, but it has spiritual ties with all of those and more.