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Dance Of The Vampires Soundtrack Vinyl LP

Dance of the Vampires Vinyl Record soundtrack horrorJust added at Turntabling! The Series Aphonos reissue of the soundtrack of The Fearless Vampire Killers, also known as Dance Of The Vampires. We’ve got this vinyl LP soundtrack to the classic horror comedy directed by Roman Polanski available on a first-come, first served basis. When it’s gone, it’s gone!

This soundtrack has plenty of admirers–take a look at the trailer below to see if you’re one of them (if you don’t know already)…this was definitely a product of its time, but a very enjoyable screwball vampire movie best watched on a double bill with Captain Kronos, Vampire Hunter.

Marshall McLuhan The Medium Is The Message

This wild, groundbreaking LP by Marshall McLuhan and company has been reissued and is now available in a new, shrink-wrapped edition which is limited to 1000 copies. This excerpt is only part of the journey you definitely should take if you’re into sound manipulation, experimental spoken word LPs and media theory. Truly amazing. The original version is quite rare, and the new edition features a gatefold sleeve, extra artwork and more. Recommended–get it while you can!!!

Morphine Cure For Pain Reissued by Light In The Attic Records

“Do you have a spare $225? Neither do we, but that seems to be the average out-of-reach price for an original vinyl copy of Cure For Pain these days.” That blurb is part of the write-up by Light In The Attic Records about their new reissue of this classic Morphine vinyl album.

Light In the Attic has long been a Turntabling favorite, label-wise, as they’ve reissued some absolutely fabulous titles including Betty Davis, the Deep Throat soundtrack, Mercury Rev and soooo much more. Light In The Attic is our kind of record label.

And Morphine’s Cure For Pain is our kind of record. “Thursday” is the track most likely to be spun over and over again round here, but this album is full of classics and should not be missed. There are 30 second samples of all tracks on the record–head over to Light In The Attic and listen for yourself–if you’re inclined to enjoy these sounds we’re betting dollars to donuts you make a purchase soon thereafter–assuming you haven’t heard this one already.

Sadly, the Morphine frontman died–on stage, it should be noted–in 1999 and a huge talent left us twisting in the wind with his departure. He died with his boots on, as it were, and left behind five albums of material to wonder over. Have a look for yourself:

Wah Wah Records Reissues Italian Analog Synth Classic

BoingBoing.net reports on a reissue of the classic synth record Electronic Mind Waves by Elektriktus, courtesy of the Barcelona label Wah Wah Records. This is one Italian synth LP worth whatever expense you must endure to hear…and it’s out again on vinyl, glorious vinyl.

The record is described by Wah Wah as, “8 synth fueled songs that sound very close to what kraut/cosmische heads were doing at the time, think of Conrad Schnitzler, Deuter or Cosmic Jokers, and also other European experimentalists like Richard Pinhas’ Heldon, Spacecraft, Didier Bocquet, Seesselberg, F.G. Experimental Laboratory, Roberto Cacciapaglia or Hydrus. Along with Cacciapaglia and Hydrus, Elektriktus shows the most adventurous experimental sounds under a kraut/cosmische music influence to ever come out of Italy”.

The BoingBoing article links to a sample of the Mind Waves track, but we’re including a different one here, the “First Wave” cut for variety’s sake. By all means, listen to them both–chances are good you’ll be hooked for life. This reissue is, according to the information at Wah Wah Records at press time, limited to 500 copies and is sure to be gone fast…

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