Game of Death Soundtrack LP by John Barry

The Game of Death soundtrack by John Barry is just plain awesome. John Barry is a Turntabling favorite thanks to a Morricone-esque sensibility when it comes to blending symphonic instruments with a more mod 60s/70s groove. Barry had a hand in some of the best-known soundtracks of the day, including Bond films, that goofy 70s remake of King Kong, The Deep, Walkabout, and the Bruce Lee martial arts classic The Game of Death.

Dagored did an amazing job with this release, from the super-tasty 180-gram vinyl pressing to the gatefold sleeve art. This is a collector-friendly album for those reasons alone, but the sounds on this OST are awfully sweet. If you can’t get enough of those 70s soundtrack sounds, this is a must-own.

Turntabling offers a single copy of The Game of Death–a shrink-wrapped, still-sealed vinyl record. Buy it now from Turntabling for $30 plus shipping. The Game of Death ships internationally, and while we’ve calculated the shipping costs, they are based on weight and destination and may require additional postage–we’ll invoice you for any excess needed, and refund where necessary.

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and don’t forget to check out the trailer below to see some Bruce Lee kung fu action.