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Chicagoland Vinyl Record Show August 11 Lake County Fairgrounds in Grayslake, Illinois

It’s so close you can practically smell the album covers! The Chicagoland Vinyl Record Show happens August 11 at the Lake County Fairgrounds in Grayslake, Illinois. This show features tons of vinyl, live performances and special guests, plus tons of antique radios and phonographs.

There’s something really cool–nostalgia aside–about those old phonographs, console stereos, and wood-grain old-timey record players/radio combo units. The designs–especially old Grundig models and others from similar companies–are fun and unique. So the Chicagoland Vinyl Record Show has plenty going for it if you’re a collector, but photographers and nostalgia buffs should definitely check out the show.

Get the entire rundown of the show at the official site, and be sure to note the full address for use with GPS, Google Maps, etc:


Vinyl junkies in Chicagoland–and beyond–come out and support your local record sellers! Shows like this deserve your attention as the vinyl vendors and antique phonograph folks keep the format alive and kicking. See you at the show?

For more information, have a look at the official site, and be sure to tell them Turntabling sent you…


Chicagoland Vinyl Record Show, Grayslake Illinois August 11-12 2012

You’ve seen the ads–for the second year in a row, I might add–about the Vintage Vinyl Record Show and Sale in Grayslake, Illinois August 11 and 12, 2012. The record show is a regular summer event in Chicagoland and the organizers are running the same special they did last year for vinyl sellers and record dealers; reserve two tables and get a third one for free.

For me personally, you can never have too much real estate to display your vinyl on at a convention, record show or any other event. The more space I have, the happier I am. So if you are tempted to sell some vinyl, why not consider the Vintage Vinyl Show and Sale, August 11-12 in Grayslake?

That special dealer discount is available when you call (715) 526-9769 and request the discount when you reserve your space.

Oh, and be sure to mention Turntabling when you ask for the discount–that’s always a big help.

I said as much this time last year, but it’s well worth repeating. If you have never ventured into a record show and or are used to buying & selling online only, you really should consider giving this a try. There’s nothing like meeting fellow vinyl collectors, talking shop and finding the rare, obscure and hard-to-locate vinyl you’ve been searching for. Record shows like this are among my favorite sources for the unusual LPs I love…

When it comes to selling LPs, I routinely spend $250 or more for a SINGLE TABLE at the horror conventions and other events I sell at…this show offers tables at a much more down-to-earth rate and it runs also features dealers selling phonographs, antique radios, etc. so there should be a very diverse crowd. Fellow record sellers, take note!

More information is at the Chicagoland Vinyl Record Show official site.