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Clear Green Vinyl Edition of The New York Ripper Soundtrack: Fulci Strikes Again!

Fulci New York Ripper Soundtrack Clear Green vinyl
This insanity is now available in the Turntabling shop. The Francesco de Masi soundtrack for Lucio Fulci’s The New York Ripper is a highlight of this film, as is the presence of a maniac who taunts the police while quacking like a duck.

In fact, the killer in the New York Ripper sounds suspiciously like DEVO mascot Booji Boy, and it is VERY FUNNY INDEED to watch this movie pretending that is actually the case. However, this insane Fulci horror film is quite hard to watch because of some really unpleasant violence toward women-much stronger and nastier than many other Italian slasher movies of its kind. There are some for whom this is not considered a liability, but those of us who prefer the soundtrack over the film have only to watch the trailer below to remember why that is.

If you’re wondering why that is, I’ll just say that there is one broken-bottle-crotch-stabbing scene too many in this film, which is to say that there is one to be seen. Ugh. If it weren’t for the ferocity of the woman-hating in this particular film, it would be a a laff-riot of a movie. Still, Francesco de Masi does not disappoint in the soundtrack department and you can purchase the limited edition clear green vinyl edition of the soundtrack from Turntabling.

John Carpenter They Live Soundtrack Vinyl LP For Sale

John Carpenter They Live Soundtrack Vinyl Death Waltz


John Carpenter’s soundtrack work is legendary among fans and when Death Waltz reissued the soundtrack to They Live in this vinyl LP edition, it became an instant fan favorite.

This is harder to come by now than ever, it seems and Turntabling does have one copy available (the black vinyl edition) that comes with the poster issued by Death Waltz. This is available first-come, first served and when it’s gone…it’s GONE!

A lot of people believe Carpenter really predicted the future in many ways with this one…regardless of all that, it is a solid 80s sci-fi action/exploitation movie that deserves repeated viewings.

And while you’re deciding whether or not to buy this amazing soundtrack LP, have a look at the trailer for the film, which is a favorite here at Turntabling (see below).

Buy the Death Waltz Reissue of the They Live original soundtrack by John Carpenter and Alan Howarth from Turntabling via Discogs.com.