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Turntable Lab Unboxes and Sets Up A Technics 1200

Set up a Technics_SL-1200MK2-2

Turntable Lab unboxes and sets up the mighty Technics 1200 in this instructional video. Not everyone has experience assembling a pro-quality turntable out of the box, so if you are thinking about making the investment, this is a handy guide to walk you through. Beware those little parts tucked away in the styrofoam, they’re easy to overlook in the excitement of pulling that ‘table out of the packaging!

Strange Wax Vinyl Documentary

I admit it, I’m a sucker for a good documentary. Strange Wax is well-shot, a visual candy store for vinyl lovers, to be sure.

Lovely to watch, isn’t it?

My major complaint with most of the vinyl documentaries I’ve seen over the past year and a half is that the filmmakers all seem compelled to spend an inordinate amount of time discussing why vinyl is superior to digital. This is completely unnecessary and really sounds like a sales pitch. But that doesn’t spoil my enjoyment of this production in the long run…

And while I’m feeling feisty, additionally vexing to a nitpicky writer/editor is referring to more than one record album as “vinyls”. People! “Vinyl” is both singular AND plural.

–Joe Wallace

Adam and Joe’s Record Store Guide

I have no idea who Adam and Joe are, but they know their music shops…pretty damn funny, though there are sure to be a few “take me seriously” types reading this who will get offended because they have no sense of humor about their amusing record shop habits. My favorite part of this vid is all the bogus names for electronica genres. “Ambient Nutsack” and “Hardcore German Housewives”…PRICELESS.

Click on the image to view the clip--couldn’t embed it here as the creators don’t allow it, but well worth the time unless you’re one of those dour clubby types nursing a perpetual hangover and nic fit.

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