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A Random Collection of Square Vinyl and Flexi Discs

…because square vinyl is so wrong that it’s right.

Limahl Square VinylKajagoogoo bootlegs from Russia? Who knew? (Via Kajafax)

Elaquent Square Vinyl PostcardThis is a flexi-disc on one side and a postcard on the other. Pretty great for a promo item…brilliant, but who would ruin it by writing on it?  (via SlyVinyl)

The Anomalys square recordNo idea whatsoever what this band sounds like, but red transluscent vinyl is gorgeous whether it’s flexi or not. (Via The Anomalys on Twitter)

Beatbox square vinylSynth and drum machine nerds need no explanations here. Square and awesome are only part of the equation. (Via Rusty Knuckles)

So many records, so little time…but not ALL square flexis are about the music.


–Joe Wallace