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The Undertones Teenage Kicks 7-inch EP

John Peel, already a legendary  DJ, plays Teenage Kicks twice in  a row in 1978. He would play this song often in the Fall of 1978 and throughout the rest of his career.  It would become known as one of his favorites.  A man known for his eclectic music taste, Peel had a special affinity for  the song, Teenage Kicks, one that endured almost thirty years after he first introduced the song to his listeners.

Out of all the music he brought to the radios of millions, John Peel’s gravestone has the lyric from Teenage Kicks – Teenage dreams so hard to beat. No annotation is needed, Peel fans know.

Though Peel doesn’t want to take all the credit in the clip above, record labels started to seek out the Derry quintet when the EP became part of his broadcast.  They were playing together years before in Northern Ireland, an area known more for unemployment and political struggle at the time then for music.

This is a well crafted collection of an experienced band nearly calling it quits. The world is a much better place because of these four songs – Teenage Kicks, True Confessions, Smarter Than U and Emergency Cases.

The 2008 7-inch SALVO EP is the official digital remastered 30th anniversary editions of the Good Vibrations EP that ended up on Peel’s turntable back 1978.  Turntabling has a copy of this limited edition release Teenage Kicks EP for sale –  (the image below is an example , our copy is #4670) first come first served.

The Undertones Teenage Kicks EP For Sale


Cereal Box Records

Apparently there is a booming business on eBay selling cereal box records. As in, music recorded on flexi disc-format and included in the packaging for breakfast cereal. I found a reference to these on the ultra-fun Frank’s Vinyl Museum, and did a bit of digging. I turned up a big pile of results for cereal box records on eBay. Would you believe that some of these sell for as much as $90 USD?

There must be a collector’s market for these if they’re selling for between 40 and 90 bucks a pop…but wouldn’t it be awesome if bands started doing this again NOW? Imagine an Air cereal box-only release on the back of Sugar Crisp, or perhaps Trent Reznor exclusives on a box of Count Chocula…Motorhead doing Captain Crunch? Someone would have to invent a new type of breakfast food for the Godspeed! You Black Emperor version–perhaps a box of crunchy peanut butter, chocolate chips, and chili powder.


Weirdness on 45

Weirdness on vinyl makes the world go round, no better evidenced than by this twang-ridden YouTube clip posted on VintageTVs‘ channel there. This clip was Part One…of a series that deserves many, many entries.

The vocals are, well…damn. Just listen and you’ll also hear the sound of your brain frying.

Vinyl Record Players For Your Automobile

by Joe Wallace
While looking for vinyl oddities today, I stumbled across a collection of photos of record players designed to be installed in a car or truck. Designed for the lover of 7-inch singles, it would be truly awesome to see these come back in a major way. Of course that would necessitate a big industry for the the seven inch single coming back, too…but is that really a bad thing?

Check out the delicious retro loveliness of these players! Some of the images are courtesy of Dark Roasted Blend, while others are from eBay, BoingBoing and other sources. The video, which is first, shows the in-car vinyl player in action…sweet.