Pele Rarities on Polyvinyl


I’ll admit that Pele wasn’t even on my radar until I got a press release from Polyvinyl Records about the pending release of A Scuttled Bender in a Watery Closet.

Polyvinyl Records wants you to have this Pele MP3: Gas The Nutsy from A Scuttled Bender in a Watery Closet. I started listening to this thinking it was a giant pinched loaf of music school twaddle–but exactly two minutes and twenty six seconds in, I really fell in love with it. It’s that combination of dreamy and edgy I like…Pele is apparently rare and hard to come by and this new release by Polyvinyl is no exception–only 2000 copies were made. Fortunately, Polyvinyl has made two other albums by Pele available via download. From Polyvinyl’s press release

Teaching The History of Teaching Geography: Released on Star Stereo Records in 1998, and now out of print, Teaching The History of Teaching Geography is the debut 8 song album featuring the original Pele line-up.

People Living with Animals. Animals Kill People:
Companion disc to Teaching The History of Teaching Geography. Includes remixes by Bundy K. Brown and Mark Greenberg as well as several new songs including ‘Metric’ and ‘Apiary.’