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WTF: Clown Horror


WTF is scarier than this album cover? The extreme closeup of this unholy circus clown reveals plenty of terrifying detail we could have lived our lives without seeing. For a start, it appears this clown has a nose piercing. Is this an escaped clown from the Jim Rose Circuse Sideshow, or what?

And that tiny little hat…it’s so small we can only conclude that it’s been nailed into place.

Somebody clearly thought this record would SELL. What kind of misguided, sinister person foisted this upon the world? And on vinyl, at that! The cover is far to evil and confused to be marketed at children, yet the idea of this selling to adults is too awful to comprehend. The imagery here is more like the zombie clown out of a George Romero film than fodder for a kiddie LP.

Fear the reaper, that’s the message of THIS album. Fear the reaper.
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