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WTF Album Covers: Loggers Loving Loggers

In the 60s, lots of so-called manly album covers wound up looking more like unintentionally homo-erotic ones. Here’s a great example, crammed full of “we didn’t mean that” double-entendre song titles.

In hindsight, how ELSE can you interpret a song like Whistle Punk Pete or There Walks a Man? If “whistle punk” isn’t some kind of euphemism for a rent boy, what is? Somebody get George Takei on the phone and ask him what HE thinks a whistle punk is good for.

It must be understood that unlike Rick Santorum, we have no qualms with homo-eroticism. No, the comedy value here is the exact opposite–people trying SO VERY HARD (ahem) to present a “manly” image that they wind up flying in the complete opposite direction. When you’ve got tunes on your record like Sick of Settin’ Chokers and Fire Danger, what else are we supposed to think?

Then again, maybe that’s the point–are loggers privvy to a secret side of their industry the rest of us don’t know? Maybe it’s a sexual free-for-all in those woods and the rest of us are missing out. A record like this definitely gives the game away…maybe you’d like to hitch a ride on the log truck? Now everybody SING: “I’m a lumberjack and I’m O.K……..”